Trusting in intentinal manifistation

I sat outside today looking at the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds.  It has been months since I have done that.  I stopped thinking of what I needed to do for the day and enjoyed sitting there watching the birds.  I sat there watching a cloud float across the sky in the distance. When you stop the mind and connect with who you really are, something amazing happens.  The clouds seemed to grow lighter and fluffier.  The sky got bluer, I felt free yet grounded, deliciously happy came to mind.  How beautiful to be sitting there thinking how marvelous it was to be ALIVE!! Every desire I had been thinking about for the day came to mind. I allowed them to be, being grateful that I could. Wow to enjoy just sitting there while I watched the sky and clouds dance in beautiful colors.  NO, I was not smoking anything, I was tapping in tunning in and turning on my source.

I was surrounded by feelings of Love, care, power, freedom and intense joy.  I could feel the power of creation in me, no I am not here to do what is expected, I am here to live one millisecond at a time in total rapture.  I felt more alive, more accomplished at that moment then I have ever in my life.  I contemplated on my life as it is, how grateful I am for all I have, how happy I am with everything going on in my life. I at that moment felt my every wish granted.  How many times in the past had I wished to sit outside of a home I loved, with my animals all healthy, me feeling better than I have in years and my bank account perfect for the day.

I see my desires, wants and wishes come to fruition in record time.  I stand in awe at how much is happening to me in Health, wealth and security.  I am so loved and adored it is hard to take at times.  No one is giving me these things I am finding it all within me!! I have created these things, and I’m finding out how simple and complex it is to have all I have ever wanted and dreamed of coming true.

There is nothing outside of me that will make my life complete, I have looked for love in all the wrong places.  I had to stop running and searching.  I had to stop and connect with myself.  To go so deep into my source my vortex and know the feeling of pure joy.  I am a witness I live it every day now, I will never go back to not understanding how to Tap in, tune in, and turn on, the source that is with me every single day.

I am losing weight and loving it, I am feeling stronger and can do more than I have in years, life is not about getting old and dying, life is about living every moment in a joyful, happy state of mind.

It’s sad how we are all sicker now at this time than we were ever in any other part of our history. How can we not be when we are bombarded with commercials of sickness.  Our bodies know how to heal, they know how to keep us well.  Food isn’t killing us, medicine isn’t killing us we are killing us.  We stay in a state of constant resistance to what we really want.  We doubt that we can make ourselves well, lose weight, be in love, enjoy diversity.  We are taught to be judgemental, and get our nose in others business.  We need to learn to mind our own business.

When you finally get to the source, you find out the real truth about why you are here.  I am not here to do anything for anyone but myself. I only need to control me. I am not responsible for anyone else’s anythings! That sounds very selfish, but it is the truth.  This life is about you! When you love yourself, you will love others, there is no other way to be. Believe it or not, most of us want to like not hate and care not hurt.

I was taught wrong when it comes to helping others find their health.  Those who come to me already know what they want. I have only to help soften the doubt, and resistance they are carrying.  I just have to help them discover they have the cure inside of them.  That sounds easy, yet we all have been learning for years how to not trust in our own ability and feelings. We have the desire, source starts to get ready for us to get what we desire, doubt and resistance keeps us from what we created, so we end up in a holding pattern until we stop resisting and allow that which we created to come forth.

I am relearning how to help others by helping me first.

We have a choice we can live a limited life, or we can live a magnificent, incredible life of creating all you desire in the best way possible all by letting go of those things that are not about you.  You do have a choice, what will it be. Remember this, you know what you want, get out of your way, stop asking the peanut gallery for advice, and make up your own mind to allow yourself to have all you could ever want.  See you on the other side!


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