Your work for today is finding the best feeling for the day.

It’s been a marvelous time of discovery this week.  I can’t believe how many issues I had that have disappeared as I find my way back to my one source.  I am sleeping better, losing weight in a right way and I am so happy!  Life has taken on many more colors, and I am letting go of those things that are not mine to worry or stress about.

When we connect to the source we are in alignment with our life, we are where we need to be to learn and grow.  When I got away from all the things that do not feel good, I started to grow in leaps and bounds.

Those things that were hurting me deep down went away, and I saw others in a way I never would have thought to see them in.  I found that there are no issues out there that I can not control.  I can control how I deal with them.

My husband sent me a pass along article on messenger the other night, no matter how much I tried to open the article it would not open.  I finally gave up and asked him what he had sent me.

Earlier in the week, I had meditated on letting go of anything that was fake, hearsay and false news.

What he had sent was just that, false, misleading news< my source knew what I wanted, and that manifested instead.  Our source brings us what we think, feel and are wanting.  When we stop doubting and allow what we want to manifest, it’s incredible.

I have seen signs from source as well, I have found that there are several messages around my home and have been there for years. I have pictures that reference source, creating my own world and being in control of my own desires.  When I stopped asking others what they thought that’s when I started to hear my own answers.  I was always getting in my own way with doubtful thoughts and trying to appease others.

It is ok to be selfish, that was a hard reality to get in my belief system.  When we are selfish, we are better, and life gets better way better than I ever thought possible.  When I am connected to my emotions, it is like a compass to navigate through the storms of life.  I find the best way to go by finding the best feeling for that day.

No more do I do what I think is required for me to do.  I am not guilted into what does not feel right to me.  We have always had that compass  (Source), we have always had that choice.  It is sad to say that most of our lives we were taught to ignore our emotions and to do what was correct in the masses kind of reality.  What freedom to know you don’t have to do what anyone else says, does or wants you to do.

The first step to the best life ever is this, be yourself, be selfish when it comes to what you feel.  Follow your emotions always, and only the good ones at that.  If it feels wrong, stifling, sad, or stressful, don’t do it.  You are always right for you, not anyone else.

I am amazed at how much my life has changed in such a short time.   What a fantastic start to the new year.


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