Feeling the feelings

Wow, what a day!  I have found energies that I thought I would never feel again.  I have seen happy thoughts even when I find a feeling of negativity try and invade my happiness.

I found that there really is a place called vortex, a space of source and connection to infinite energies.  I have read book after book, been to seminar after seminar, but I still would only have a week or two at best of feeling joy.  Then back again I would go to feeling the same old feelings, finding myself back in the drama of my own making. Wondering why?

I can’t explain it as well as Abraham Hicks so I will include her steps below.  All I know is that once you start to go in the direction that feels good, you stop fighting with yourself and others.  I don’t know about you, but I do not like drama nor do I like to fight.  When you realize that everyone is right including you,  you stop challenging yourself and others and allow what you want to come into your life.  YOU manifest expectations you want and desire.  I want so I can have, and then I allow!!  How many times have you thought of what you want only to hear the why you shouldn’t.  I have been the one who keeps myself from having because I think of the shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t in my life’s plans.

The last couple of days I have been practicing getting out of my way.  I want, I allow, and I am receiving.  I started out with my not feeling well, I put out there I want to be well.  I told myself I am well I just have forgotten that I am well.  I felt more energy and my day was busy and productive.  I am well, my body is well, my mind just hadn’t caught up with what I wanted.

The vortex is where we find that source of creativity, we want, and source makes it happen, even the stuff we don’t want.  What we put our energy into is what we get back.  I am barely on the cusp of learning all that the vortex has in store for me.  I am learning to let go and allow myself to have what I want and desire.

I see results significant results, and I am so happy to have finally made it over the mountain I had put in front of me. It’s exciting, and I am pleased to be able to share my journey.   I am learning to allow myself to be me.  I allow my tension to go, I allow the drama I once thought I needed, go, I am loving the way I can have all the things I want.  I can be happy for those who I am not in alignment with.  I am happy with the lessons they have taught me, and I can allow myself to see a better relationship with them once they have found their own way in life, that may cause us to be in alignment with one another once more.

Life is good, and there are good things out there, it is up to us to find our connection to our vortex, source whatever you want to call it,  and practice the way life was truly meant to be.  Yesterday as I was opening my mail I opened a pretty red envelope from a group of Native American orphans I donate to.  A pair of lovely sky blue socks with Indian art were in the package.  I dearly love them, but my mind went to a quote from one of my favorite films, Harry Potter.  The little house Elve Dobby came to mind when he was handed a book with one of Harry Potters sock in it. From his master. Dobby said, ” master has given Dobby a sock, Dobby is a free elve now.”

I felt the same words and smiled. How ironic that I get socks in the mail the day when I am discovering  I am free to create the world that I want.



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