The elite is destroying the earth. Please Share

I have felt that there has been much more to this planademic. I have been one to pray, honor and respect nature. Yet, when I removed the fake news, and sat in the language of mother earth, I could not ignore the destruction of mother earth. There is so much more going on than what you are allowed to see.

I know I have been down the dark side of what is really happening. I see so many people putting blinders on and bringing up fear driven distractions. I am a conspiracy theorist. I am out there in la la land for too many I am around. I have to be careful what I say or I will be shadow banned or blocked. Most of those who follow me just ignore me. And that is okay. I can understand how those who think that what I am sharing couldn’t possibly be happening. There will be a day you will see it is and was.

I struggle with being a path starter, or helping to share the truth. I don’t think there isn’t one of us who shared our fears about what the CV plan was, didn’t lose friends or family. If you are not strong in being alone, you will probably go back to running with the crowd and finding something to keep you from critical thinking.

The social media crowd is all about distractions. The transgender posts are all about distractions, using mentally ill human beings to keep you busy. The beer, the bidiot, china, the war, the rise in crimes, all are distractions from the real problem.

It is scary to see the reality of what is going on. Yet, we need to!

The greatest lie is the condensation behind a plane. Dane Wigington explains it the best; “the greatest lie ever perpetrated on humans is the lie of condensation trail. Do condensation trails exist, yes, but almost never behind a high bypass turbofan jet and that’s all commercial aircraft and military tankers are fitted with a high bypass turbofan jet engine it’s a jet powered fan and it’s designed for fuel efficiency 85 percent percent of the air that passes through that engine is non-combusted by design that engine is nearly incapable of producing any condensation trail except under the most extreme circumstances which very rarely exist.

The higher you go in altitude, the less humidity there is. The conditions are simply not acceptable, especially with this engine to create any condensation trail so even when you see the short bright trails and they are trying to be.

This engine to create any condensation trail is almost non-existent, so even when you see a short bright trails and they are trying to be more covert, there’s no question in your face, spraying with horizontal horizon trails has been diminished over at least California you see the short bright trails are still seeing spray, period.”

So why the spray? “These aerosolized with electrically conductive nano particulates that can be manipulated when exposed to radio frequencies that can cause them to repel each other, so you get an appearance like if you put iron shavings on a table with a magnet underneath, they align and this is the same scenario we see in our clouds. So this is how they’re trying to create as much chemical cloud cover as possible, however toxic, however damaging to the atmosphere.

This is being hidden and yet, so many have drank of the Kool aid and believe what the Main Stream Media and our government have told us. The deceit is deeper than you can see. For 65 years, the government has been spraying us with these toxins and then blaming the human being for the fall of our planet. When in fact those who we have let be in change are killing us. The mentality that runs our planet while they’ve kept everyone entertained and occupied, the cancer, is spreading to unimaginable proportions.”

It’s not okay to follow orders when those orders hold the future of our children. The harm being caused is unforgivable. Another global elite the rockefellers are working on a global transformation.

All we need is the right major crisis and nations will accept the new world order. That’s how these sick people think. Their game plan, which is their goal to control those who think our government and those at the top of our government, is here for our benefits, again you need to take a reality check.

All the roads lead back to those who print the money and so many conflicts around the globe are about this right now. saddam hussein was taken out because he wanted to disconnect from the US dollar, it had nothing to with freedom and democracy, same is true for other countries in the middle east, that did not want to use the US dollar anymore. It’s about control, and who is at the head of control? Those who print the money, that’s the central bankers. And the dollar is about to be dethroned, so the power structure is more dangerous than ever. Obama’s war on whistleblowers shows us that.

Where are the whistleblowers? Kristin Meghan is one! Check her out! There are many of us, but because the masses believe the elite would never destroy themselves, again you need a reality check!

Our oceans are boiling, fish, whales, sea lions are dying and we do not see any headlines of these stories. The sea is dying. Look at the red wave, the stench covering the beaches, beaches being closed! It is the chemicals being sprayed above us in the name of saving the world.

Look this stuff up! It is time to wake up. Just one hole in the evil elite Dam can bring them down. But you can’t put your head in your phone or walk with your eyes to the ground! LOOK UP!!! Look at the plants, your food, the wildfires, the dead seas! The signs from God/Spirit are in front of you!!

Why do you think they are shadow banding us, and trying to take away our freedom of free speech! Good God, wake up and see what really is happening! It is so wrong that we have so many who do nothing! We are the ones we have been looking for, waiting for! Spread this information, we are almost out of time! Let us help ourselves, Mother Earth, our children, our health!!

If we can wake up the zombies that believe the government would never kill themselves too. Really? Look at what they believe!

We are so close to getting the information out there, all you have to do is like and share, watch and listen! Talk to our families, friends, to our co-workers. We I am fighting for my life, my kids’ life and my grandchildren’s lives. Time is not on our side!! Be aware of where our attention is being led to! WE can save our world, our Children or our grandbabies! If not for you, how about for them?

What Would Your Heart Say

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