A letter to Peggy Hall TheHealthyAmerican.Org

Hello Peggy and associates!
So I came across some information that I thought might interest you, and wanted to share. As Peggy has touched on this many times, I thought of her as I went down this rabbit hole. I live in Colorado, we have been suffering the same droughts and warfare with our democratic morons. I’m a herbalist and grow many herbs. But I have noticed a lot of chemtrails for about three years now. Our sunlight is dimmer. Our beautiful clear skies are hazy. I noticed that when we were suppose to get snow or rain, the chemtrails were deployed. I raise chickens and they are all treated and fed organically. Yet we still ended up with birds dying un-naturally. Lose of feathers, not like a molting but like a poisoning. Drought resistant trees just die. Not right. So I started doing research, and boy howdy did I get some research. Spirit has always directed me to what I need. So I found an organization that studies and has been fighting for the right to expose one of the biggest cover ups. I also went on to find ways to counteract the poisons being sprayed on our planet. For the life of me I can’t understand why the evil elite would want to destroy our world and life as we know it. But here it is. This information aligns with what Peggy has discovered. I apologize that this note being so long, but I really felt a calling to reach out and share what I’ve found. I appreciate all that you share and do! Blessing


Well I got a reply back 😂 4/15/23

Thank you for sharing! 

Yes, I know a lot of people that grow in a greenhouse to protect from the chemtrail fallout 


Assistant to Peggy

This was my reply:

Thank you for the reply. But I’m not sure people realize how important the sun is, photosynthesis, the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform light energy into chemical energy. During photosynthesis in green plants, light energy is captured and used to convert watercarbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds

I’ll reach out to someone else.  

It would be impossible to overestimate the importance of photosynthesis in the maintenance of life on Earth. I don’t see where the green house will help with this important development. Reference from https://www.britannica.com/science/photosynthesis

But thank you again for the reply. 

Have a blessed week.

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