Zeolites to the rescue from Chemtrails?

Chemtrail ingredients-Aluminum, Barium, Strontium. Those lines in the sky are not normal!


Zeolite can bind to various dangerous toxins and poisons and prevent them from being absorbed and doing damage in the human body.

Fungal Toxins

Aflatoxins may contaminate foods and endanger human health, especially the liver [34].

Clinoptilolite was able to detox chickens from aflatoxin and protect their liver, bile duct, and kidneys. Immune system organs such as the thymus also suffered less damage [35].

Given to cows, zeolite lowered levels of aflatoxin in their milk, which is a major source of human poisoning. In test tubes, zeolite could remove aflatoxin from water (60%) and animal feed (80%) [363738].

Zeolite protected chickens against another vicious fungal toxin, ochratoxin A. The animals ate more, gained weight, and recovered faster.

Personal care

In a clinical trial on 39 volunteers, deodorant spray with 10% silver-zeolite showed a strong and lasting (24 h) effect against armpit microbes, which produce unpleasant odors. A spray with a control substance failed to achieve this [78].

In cell studies, zeolite eliminated viruses and volatile odors. It stopped the growth of the HSV-1 (Herpes simplex) virus, which causes cold sores [7558].

Zeolite forms a protective film on the skin, acting as a natural sunscreen. In one cell study, zeolite even reversed oxidative damage triggered by another sunscreen ingredient, titanium-dioxide [79].

These properties make zeolite a central ingredient in various personal care products, most of which are available on the market (see “Supplements” below).

One cell study verified the ability of zeolite to bind histamine and thus relieve inflammation and allergic reactions [81].

Air pollutants may trigger inflammation, allergies, and autoimmune issues. Since zeolite can bind to toxins and heavy metals, it might reduce the detrimental impact of pollution on the skin too.

There is a wealth of information on the website included up above. I’d recommend checking it out!

One cell study verified the ability of zeolite to bind histamine and thus relieve inflammation and allergic reactions [81].

In HorticultureZeolite is used to absorb and hold nutrients and water but allows plant roots to absorb the dissolved nutrients from the Zeolite for their growth.


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