How I use Bee Pollen for jaw and neck pain

Honey – nature’s antibiotic biofilm breaker.

Bacteria biofilm and honey; a study of effects of honey on ‘Planktonic’ and biofilm – embedded chronic wound bacteria. The study aimed to determine the effects of different concentrations of ‘medihoney’ therapeutic honey and Norwegian Forest Honey 1) on the real-time growth of typical chronic wound bacteria; 2) on biofilm formation; and 3) on the same bacteria already embedded in biofilm. Reference strains of MRSE, MRSA, ESBL, Klebsiella pneumonia and pseudomonas aeruginosa were incubated with a dilution series of the honey in microtitre plates for 20h. Growth of bacteria was assessed by measuring optical density every 10 min.

Biofilm was penetrated by biocidal substances in honey.

I found out by pure accident how well Bee Pollen helped me with my jaw and neck pain brought on by Lyme Disease. I developed jaw pain, problems eating because my jaw muscles are tight, and I get electrical shocks around my jaw and back of neck. Headaches and neck ache can be so painful and extreme at times.I would chew my cheeks up while talking or bit my tongue from spasms. Stress and anxiety seem to make my jaw and neck pain worse.

From research, I discovered that my symptoms acted the same as TMJ. I had a chiropractor tell me I had TMJ in my 30s, and after she would manipulate my jaw, I would become so sick and suffer from migraines. I stopped going to her after a couple of appointments.

From a post written by Dr. Donald Tanenbaum; Can Lyme Disease cause TMJ? He states that as a specialist in orofacial pain and TMJ for over 30 years, “it’s my conclusion that the impact of Lyme Disease on peripheral and central nervous systems can produce nerve and muscle pain that mimics the symptoms of TMJ. But can Lyme Disease cause TMJ?” Dr. Donald Tanenbaum continues in his blog that in the early 90s he was seeing symptoms of TMJ – jaw pain, limited jaw opening and severe facial pain. But upon his evaluation, he did not find a common history or risk factor, or inflammation associated with TMJ problems in some of his patients.

Common knowledge among Lyme Disease suffers who have done their own research, found that Lyme Disease infects over 300,000 people in the United States every year. But making a diagnosis is extremely difficult due to the fact that the only blood test available are unpredictable. On top of that, only 25-50% of infected people ever develop the telltale rash associated with deer tick bite, biting flies, and other insects we are finding that could carry this disease.

If left untreated, Lyme can cause facial tics (contraction and twitching of muscles), jaw pain, headaches in the temples, neck stiffness, and episodes of pain during talking and smiling Very similar, if not identical, to TMJ. I don’t agree with this statement ‘if left untreated’, because my Lyme went into remission, but after being medically injured, my Lyme Disease came back with a vengeance.

I have used heavy antibiotics for years and destroyed my digestive tract. It has taken me years to get where I can eat certain things, but my diet is very limited and nothing but organic, all vegan and I was able to add eggs just these past two years.

So I started to take Bee Pollen because of it beneficially healing properties. Bee Pollen is known to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxide properties; treat cancer, infections, anemia, oral cavities, and atherosclerosis, and promote immunity. Its beneficial effects are due to its high nutrient content, enzymes and compounds like tocopherols, flavonoids, linolenic acid, polysaccharides, folic acid, biotin, thiamine, phenols, carotenoids and phytosterols.

I was curious about the anti-inflammatory effects! That Bee Pollen reducing pain and inflammation and could be used for treating inflammation related disease. Bee Pollen can be used to treat microbial infections. Bee Pollen is beneficial for the heart. Bee Pollen helps prevent osteoporosis. Bee Pollen helps with depression. Which was another thing I was worried about since being castrated. I have written about this in previous blogs.

I started out on a small dosage of Bee Pollen. I started out with a brand not organic, and I felt very sick and didn’t see any benefits. So I stopped taking it. After I found out that I needed to find a clean no pesticide filled Bee Pollen, I did better, and I realized my TMJ symptoms were much better. I stopped taking Bee Pollen for a while and the TMJ symptoms returned, and nothing was helping me.

So as cedar fever hit here in our State here for spring. I started to take the Bee Pollen for allergies. Sure enough, the jaw pain stopped. I could talk without chewing my mouth up; I wasn’t clenching my jaws or grinding my teeth. It was so wonderful not to have the pain or worry of maybe breaking a tooth.

I found from my own research and trials, Bee Pollen has shown time and time again that it worked for Lyme Disease induced TMJ. I will continue working with Bee Pollen, along with other herbs and culinary herbalism. I still use colloidal Silver to keep killing the Lyme Disease spirochete Borrelia Species.

It’s been a hard journey, but I will never give up. If I had given up, I can say I would be in terrible shape, and very sick, maybe even have died. But I never gave up on myself. Doctors gave up on me, people gave up on me, but I would never give up. I became my own doctor/healer. I am extremely proud of the work, research, and trials I have done. I have loved myself through my pain and suffering, became my own advocated.


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