And the truth shall set you free maybe

Revised thoughts; I put the things I felt at that moment down on paper. But as I have stepped back and am watching all this unfold, I am reminded again that there is much more to this story. My heart breaks to see our world so divided and the mentally ill, not getting the care they need. T

he placed party we have in office, they are disgusting and vile, and soulless beings. It’s amazing how many ugly people are showing their true colors. I’m disgusted at the filth that is coming out of the woodwork. It’s appalling how the media has spun these deaths, to fit the narrative of the Party! This is not a government of elected official who were to represent the People. These are soulless demons allowed to play with humans like little toys! Disgusting 🤮! And yet there these places Demons are still playing with our hearts and family. The Stain on morality is huge!

The unforgivable Shootings, in school and this latest one in Nashville, I have to say there isn’t much adding up on how this is being explained or shown.

I have a wonderful conspiracy theorist that I go to when I have a gut feeling. You can find her at the HEALTHYAMERICAN. She is on YOUTUBE and RUMBLE! Peggy Hall might be on other social media platforms but, I don’t use those.

My accounts have been shadow banned. I must be putting things on my blogs that hit way too close for comfort. Which is okay, these blogs are more for prosperity than anything else.

I get this weird vibe about this latest shooting, and it could be very true everything that is being put out there. But I have a gut feeling that in a couple of days or weeks this will disappear like all school shootings. My first thoughts are on the choreographing videos being released, the let’s gun grab. woman who walked up to the news, and just spouts off anything she likes, and so well said and prepared.

My first hmmm. Then there are those who can spot a movie mistake a mile away, find that the alleged shooter was wearing two different pairs of shoes. One pair when she entered and one pair she supposedly died in. Second hmmmm. Is this more media horse shit! Propaganda to push the already anxious people over the edge?

Then there is the police training video that was released super fast, without any thought that this is evidence. And yet the Manifesto is held for examination? What the hell is happening??! Third hmmmm.

I can’t say for sure, but this is all adding up to look very suspicious. Why is the Police calling this a covenant shooting? Wrong context to be sure!!

If the parents of the shooter knew this woman was sick, why were the police not told she was buying guns? So many questions!!!

The chief stands there wringing his hands. A classic sign that he was nervous and felt guilty. Why are we not able to see the manifesto? Gays against Groomers are going to court to get a copy! This is not being handled right, and the BS being said is only causing more division between mentally ill people and those who are not mentally ill.

The Chief goes on to say he doesn’t even know if the shooter is a real person. WTF? If you listen and pay attention, there are a lot of discrepancies. And what I think makes me nervous about this is so many people just accepting what they are seeing and being told. We know that the political Party, MSM and our states have not been all forthcoming with the truth! We must go forward cautiously.

And do not take my words and twist them as if I do not believe this didn’t happen. It very well did but not this way! I am very leery after the three years we have had with this Placed Party in office. I like Nancy Drew, look deeply into what is going on. There is always something that comes up after these kinds of tragedies. There are lessons to learn. There are so many questions we as the people should be asking of our ‘placed Party’ and local elected officials.

Why at this time in our world are the kids being drugged, over vaxxed, mutilated, sexualized, locked down, masked and not protected? Not why this mentally person had a gun!! That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard come out of this so far.

Where are the tears, the prayers, the outcry that our kids should have a qualified guard to protect them?

Denver Colorado cut off funding to keep resource officers from being hired in our schools, and we end up with a school shooting. There are retired police personnel, and military officers who are begging to come stand guard and protect our greatest assets. The children.

No, this all boils down to a man made mental illness that has captured our youth and young adults. Why? It could stem from lock downs, fear porn 24/7, hormones. puberty blockers, mutilation of children, there are so many things. Like lack of morals, parental involvement, or the non-existence of it, the list goes on. This is a wake up call though, and one that should be deeply looked into by every parent, grandparent and those who love children. This is not a gun issue, this is a people issue. Guns do not kill, people kill. Those of us who are trained and went through training know that a weapon is for protection or hunting. It’s not a status quo. It’s not to be used to intimate or threaten anyone into compliance.

Those who use it for such should lose their rights to a weapon until they have been mentally evaluated. Gun control only controls the lawful, not the lawless. We need a better educational system when it comes to owning a gun.

Parents need to get back into their children’s lives. If they live with you, they live with your rules. If your grown ass child is struggling with mental issues, you need to inform the proper authorities. It is for your safety, their safety, as well as others’ safety.

I’ve had enough of the BS from our ‘Placed Party’, and until the woke, wake the hell up, we are going to have to govern ourselves. It’s not a choice! Bidiot and his occult of demons are only after money and your suffering. Prove me wrong. This has strengthened their BS on taking more rights away from the people. They have no hearts and no souls! Prove me wrong!!

My heart breaks for all involved in this crime on children as well as adults. It should never have happened. All the signs were there, if this truly happen the way it is being told.

I think as the days go by and more people see this for what it truly is, we will see a totally different story emerge.

Until then, don’t react, pay attention and become a detective. There are too many lies coming from this.

What Would Your Heart Say

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