First Day of spring Dream Greater

Humans haven’t learned how to dream. We work so hard to do anything even if you are working on not working. Talking to the source, Spirit, Angels or guides is easy. We just need to get out of our minds, and thinking we need to work and practice all the time. But this is so wrong. Talking or connecting to the Spirit is just allowing and flowing with the feeling of goodness, happiness, or peaceful.

Always keep your eye on the prize, daydream about it. Feel the excitement, put the energy into enjoying the feeling of your Dream, but allow things to manifest like it should or better. Always keep in mind that it will be better than you can imagine or dream up.

“The Spirit of narcissism exists to get people to believe that they are nothing unless they become something. What the system does is to target the vacuous void that generates the false belief that we need to achieve something in order to be loved, and then it supersize it by bringing in the spirit of narcissism and tricking people into thinking that unless they achieve a certain level of acknowledgment, or appreciation, or value – meaning, unless they become famous – they will not be fulfilled.”

‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” — C. S. Lewis

We have become addicted to the like and hearts on Social media. We are not happy with just ourselves. If we are not validated or part of something, even if it is morally wrong.

But we can learn from this, we can become aware of what we are doing. Yet, most will be stuck in the media echos and the triggers, the pretty lights and sparkle of the drama capturing them and they following the narrative. Yes, humans don’t want to be alone, but is it worth losing yourself to the pretty lights, — squirrel!

To Thine own Self Be true! Shakspeare. The soul does not need control in order to find your identity. You must become a free flowing entity. Erin Chatters. We as a people need to let go of the distractions that keep us from focusing on ourselves. This means letting go of entertainment. It takes courage and changing your lifestyle, maybe even moving to a new town or state.

You can not dream greater dreams until you understand why you are dreaming the current dreams. You can’t “level-up” in your life until you figure out why you are living the life you are living now.

To become mindful and aware is a way to figure out what’s motivating you to make the choices you are making.

“In Shamanism, everything has medicine to share. If a snake bites you, then your spirit was calling for snake medicine. Snake Medicine is the energy of transmutation. Snake medicine also represents initiation, transformation; psychic energy, wisdom, creativity; mystery, the unknown, and life cycles. Snake Medicine slithered into my awareness and brought changes.

If your house floods, then you were clearly needing water medicine in your life, a lot of water medicine in your life, a lot of water medicine, but water medicine nonetheless.

Forced to use water medicinally, and water alone, Dr. Batmanghelidj was astonished in following up his patients, to find that water was effecting full cures of diverse, normally ineradicable diseases. These cures occurred completely not seen in response to medication, which “treats” or “controls” such recalcitrant and diverse disease as asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure and ulcers.

“When events like this happen, we can’t integrate the lessons until we understand the medicine these experiences are giving us. So it our attention is focused on things that are not aligned with our devotion – like doubt, or sugar, or debt, or criticism – then we need to discern what medicine is there for us in those unhealthy choices before we can authentically shift our attention away from them.”

As Spirit and I continued to share about where my attention is, sometimes it is where it is suppose be. But not to camp there, but bear witness of it and move on. WE shift our attention by acknowledging whatever we are witnessing. My focus goes back to my son, who pushed me away. I lost him because he is caught up in a movement he thinks defines him. But he is and always has been who he is. I don’t have to validate him. He doesn’t need anyone to validate him.

I don’t need to validate anyone. I only have me to worry about right now. And loving me helps me to love others. Yet, I am dreaming the greater dream that he finds what I already know. He is perfect just the way he is. And one day soon we will meet up and continue to have a wonderful friendship. It will happen, it’s just when?

“Exercise time: it’s time to warm up and learn how to dream greater. Observing something greater than your current experience. Allow your observation to extend beyond this third-dimensional reality without letting your mind go crazy trying to figure out what that means intellectually.”

Pulling up a negative thought – the first one that comes to mind. Notice where it comes from and how it’s shaping your life. Imagine, day dream the negative thought away, dream a better dream. Dream of what you want, make things better, more positive. You don’t want to control the dream and you don’t want to manipulate the dream. All you’re doing is dreaming greater. What your subconscious mind actually comes up with will be entirely unique to you, and will most likely surprise you.” I borrowed and shortened the exercise from Shaman Dureks’ book, Spirit hacking.

So what will you be working on this week? I have already started to dream greater. I can see things getting better quickly between me and my son. Moving to a place where I can plant gardens, be closer to my family, the dream gets bigger and bigger.

Remember, you are worth it. Creating a better life is what you came here to do.


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