What is your Attention focused on?

I have found that I have developed a couldn’t care less, the devil may care mindset. But let’s put a pause on that for a moment and do some meditation.

Smiling: Thich Nhat Hanh

As you sit, consider smiling lightly. This should be a natural smile, not a grimace or a forced smile. Your smile relaxes all your facial muscles. When you smile to your whole body, it is as if you are bathed in a fresh, cool stream of water.

Okay, ready, you got your cup of tea/coffee?

I’m ready for a challenge. How about you? Attention creates reality. It’s a work in progress.


“The problem is that people miscue their attention. And people disrespect their attention. They don’t honor their attention as their primary reality filter. They aren’t mindful of how they are focusing their attention and where they are directing their attention, because they don’t see their attention as a sacred instrument of creation. They don’t understand how to use their attention to better their lives; and so they do not safeguard their attention.”

They just react, and let their attention be pulled by any random things – news, by gossip, by cellulite, by consumption, by cat videos, by political farce, by anything and everything the matrix throws out deliberately wrangle our attention away from us, and steal our creative vigor, and to strengthen and fortify the system, and all the status quo it perpetuates.”

“The box dissolves the moment we take our attention off it, because they don’t know that their attention creates their reality.”

As some of you know, I can speak to Spirit and I am always guided by the source we all come from. Spirit was telling me today that this new attention grabbing stuff is going to end as fast as it started. It is just one of the many ways to keep our attention on the drama and off the corruption. A state of fear helps to control the masses. Spirit reminded me that even though this doesn’t affect me directly, I am still seeing it and feeling it. But I don’t have to worry about it. It is a growth in this time and place. It will fade away as fast as it came up. Which has me feeling better, but my heart still breaks for all those who were caught up in the scams and got hurt or killed.

Question for the day; What would have happened if we the people would have ignored our corrupt government, when in entailed the BS CV Garbage? Allowing the states to deal with the up-and-coming CV flu/virus.

Yet, we, the people being distracted by our daily lives, hadn’t a chance, too busy were we to pay attention to what was really happening. The government played us like a fine violin, took our rights of choice and shut the world down.

Some would argue that we didn’t know what this CV would have done, and it was the only way we could have found out. But here are my thoughts: I’d rather die doing something than being in lock down and worrying about something that didn’t and wasn’t as bad as they said. You can not live in a bubble! None of us are promised a tomorrow. If feels wrong, it is wrong. Why are we afraid of the unknown?

Here is the awful truth. Right now the government is killing thousands of birds, chickens, turkeys. You get the picture. In the name of the High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), they are killing millions of farmers’ livestock for an erroneous made up narrative. If one bird shows any signs, the entire flock is destroyed. Which makes absolutely no sense!! Any farmer will tell you that your stock becomes stronger when their immunity is put to task. So why would you not separate the sick birds and move the flock into a cleaner environment? Yeah, why is that not happening?? because it has nothing to do with immunity or science, it is about controlling the masses.

Millions of male baby ducks were herded to an open ditch and buried alive! WTF!! The government is a professional killer for the hire, and they are using your money to do it. Why is our attention not on this? We are in a crisis and our children and our grandchildren will suffer if we don’t stand up to this! It makes me cry for what ignorant people believe. Animals were put in our care, not to be destroyed, but respected!! They are here for our survival and to be honored. Not to be murdered and treated with such disrespect. Younger folks do not know where their food even comes from. What a sad state of affair we have allowed to happen. No respect for life. Just aimless people who get up, eat, shit, shower, sleep and do that day in and day out! SAD.

Here’s a novel idea. How about instead of making TikTok videos about mutilating your mind and body, you video yourself growing food or advocating for helpless animals, coming up with humane ways to honor our meat sources? Put live and heart back into our world. Wow, that would make a difference and help you feel better about yourself.

Spirit continued with how we give our attention to things that don’t need our attention. Of course, we take notice of the silly things going on, but we don’t have to make it a part of our daily lives. Take, for instance, the things going on around us. It’s good to be watchful and be prepared, but most of the time, once we see it, it fades away, especially when we focus on what is more important.

The government loves to keep drama going. In fact, they will circle around and repeat the same things over and over as long as people pay attention and react to it. I’d give examples, but I don’t want to give any of it any attention. I’m sure you can read between the lines.

The best thing we can do is not give our time or energy to those who we don’t care or want to give anytime in our thoughts or life. Yet, that’s what sells, to regurgitate the same drama and news and the horse crap over and over and over… I am so guilty of this! I am breaking the echo chamber I have become, though.

It’s a power we should rekindle! Those who seek attention fade away when we stop paying attention. Spirit told me, I don’t have to worry about those things that are just distractions. If the need arises, I can trust myself to do what I can to help and trust I will do it. I have started to ask myself this simple question “What’s your attention on?” How is it making a difference in your life? It is amazing how once you ask these questions, you find yourself back in a mindful place in the present moment, and the garbage I was worrying about disappears. If is isn’t improving your life, it is not meant to be in your life!

You can not shift your mindset in just a few moments. By not paying attention to things that are not for you. Make sense?

So far it’s working like magic and I’ve found myself happy and peaceful onces more. I have the power to destroy distractions, drama, and misinformation! I can destroy a narrative in a second. I can leap over a distraction in a single bound. I can turn my attention back on what is meaningful! I have superpowers.

So, back to my question. If we the people had ignored all the BS and proceeded with caution and protected our elderly and those who had co-mobilities or compromised immunity issues, would things have turned out differently? Yes, without a doubt, we would have put the government back in its place.

And that day is coming soon. We, the human being, the spirits that inhabit this world, are done with this lesson, and will change the narrative once again. And the evil, the demented, the delusion will fall like all dictators have fallen before. The sick minded will get help, the children will be protected, and this generation will tell the story of how we took back our world, for the next several generations to come. It is the repeat of history.

I know for certain this crap would never have lasted years if we had been paying attention! It’s time to stop giving attention to the horse crap this government wants to shove down our throats, to stop allowing the mind sick to fear-drive us to do what is morally wrong. To stop allowing them to break our constitutional laws. We should have said NO, turned off the news and took back our lives. We should have gathered with other states and came up with a science backed plan of action! We should have been paying attention a long time ago! We should have trusted in ourselves.

The lessons are learned, and we will fight our way back to a good life, and be smarter for it. Some won’t, but most will.


References from: Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek

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