Love finds a way even with a shit show happening

There is never a time Spirit isn’t sending loving messages or guiding you to a loving place. It is up to us to get out of the way. But we are stubborn and love to seek and keep ourselves from the very love we crave. It’s the same when it comes to healing. We have become lazy when it comes to loving ourselves back to wholeness. It’s easier to blame others for our misfortunes. But when you get back to the brass tacks of things, it all came down to your final decision. Weather that was fear driven or just lack of care for your life. I would say it is from the lack of caring for yourself.

Why would you put your material objects before your own life? Why would you think that death or being maimed was a better choice? Yes, I am angry and hurt that you followed the crowd, that you gave up on the wonderful person you are. I am fighting like so many others for you, to help you survive this, sending prayers, opening my doors to my knowledge of how to help you save you.

So when do you think you will find that love and allow it to guide you back from the clutches of the evil darkness that has become all to controlling? When do you think you will wake up and face your choice, to accept your responsibilities towards yourself? When do you think you will see those who suggested who pushed you, as confused and as lost as you? When do you think you will realize you should have trusted your gut instinct with that little nagging voice?

I’m sure I am pissing you off, but love does that. Love calls us out on our bullshit, sweeps us up in an embrace of white light, shows us hope, makes us laugh, burns like a million candles, shows us heaven on earth through someone else’s eyes. Love is the strength to keep going, even when you have suffered for years. It lifts your chin and shows you; you are worth being loved. Love is always there, loving you. It is the human side of you who is lazy and stops breathing and being mindful. It’s our only job in this world, to find the best feeling way to get through this life. To love, breath and be free.

What are you waiting for?



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