Our stories

Our story is never ending, and if we can find it in our hearts to stay aware and mindful. Life will change. As a soul twin told me recently. Life will be okay. There are so many who want to hear those words of encouragement.

Life is love, love is life. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to be loved.

“Being rich is an obstacle to loving. When you are rich, you want to continue to be rich, and so you end up devoting all your time, all your energy, in your daily life to stay rich.” Thich Nhat Hanh

It’s time to stop and say Goodmorn to ya, or this be a grand evening! The world craves positivity. It’s time to be those vessels for positivity to shine through. If you want to bring evil down smile and breath. Be not afraid, walk with your head high and great many while looking them in the eyes.

The world needs those brave enough to show them the way, to help them find their way and set them free. It is time to stop posting the same old news, and start posting hope.

Namaste 🙏


One response to “Our stories”

  1. Once we can embrace it all in love then we truly become open to life. ❤

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