There is a huge energy shift, I can feel it. I think others do too, but they do not know what they are feeling. I am being told by Spirit to get ready for the change that is coming. Drinking more water, herbal teas, organic foods, meditation and connecting to Reiki energies to unblock chakras, remove blockages in the body. To the everyday joe, I am sure that all sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo hippy talk. But what if you were to check yourself for a minute and hold your opinion of what I am saying, and use your own belief system to reference what I am saying?

There is a change coming, and it is causing others to feel anxious, depression, anger, fearfulness, and feeling amped up. I woke up yesterday feeling extremely happy and optimistic, to waking up today feeling off, like the world is in a wobble. I did a self- attunement, so that is probably the biggest part of the off centerness, un-grounding, I am feeling. I’ll need to stop and just allow the feelings to come up and address them as they come.

As my conversation with Spirit continued yesterday, Spirit told me the human body has a lot of blockages and needs to have the dams broken down. For the human being to connect with the spirit being the blockages we create from fear, worry and stress, need to be taken down. Once the body energy is flowing, we can reconnect with the higher-self.

That being said, once the energy can flow again, the body has a reaction to the influx of energy surging through the body. One can feel flu like, or upset, anxiety, mild depression, sleepiness, even panic attacks. Reiki and healing energies help to break down those blockages that we create. That’s why I see Reiki and healing energy work becoming sought out here soon. There will be a great demand for Reiki and energy healers.

Even with organic foods and all the spices and herbs in the world, there is one thing that they can not do on their own: fix energy blockages. The dogma that has been pushed down our throats has many scared to open up and try, not new ways of healing, but to go back to a time when healing was more energy based. The fakery of the main stream new wave medical cult, has brain washed society into believing that men in white coats heal human beings. NOT TRUE. You are an experiment and you are paying to be used as an experiment.

Reiki was used in various times, in Atlantis and in Egypt and perhaps elsewhere. The only reason Reiki is thought of as a subpar choice in healing is because of the spiritual aristocracies where some people were forbidden the light in order to keep others in a position of power and control. Not allowing us to learn our karmic lessons and sharing that light of wisdom has caused a great disconnect in the human being. Sound familiar?

It is time to bring back the healing of Reiki and energy workers. Itis time to awaken and remove those blockages that have kept us fearful and repressed. That is why the human spirit can not reconnect to the higher self. The joy of being a Reiki master is to bring help to the individual, to remove and heal the blockages these individual have created from fear.

I feel it is my time to come out and go forward with my practice, not only from a distant healing approach but from an up close and personal touch. The movement is happening and I am being recruited for the movement, just as others are being called towards this healing movement. It is time to step up and correct what Modern medicine has destroyed. It is time to save the soul and bring back the gift of FREE WILL!

It is time to enlighten and provide the knowledge and understanding, the opportunity for the student or those who are need of awakening, be shown how powerful they are. The people need to recognise their true spiritual identity. When this is accomplished, their lives will transform. This is Reiki/ energy healing in action. We do not do Reiki. We are Reiki and the role of the practitioner, no matter what level or degree attained, is to live life as an expression of that universal spiritual energy.

WE are because the universe is. Re- enforced by the moment of conception, and then again at birth, a spiritual being, as an expression of a spiritual universe. It is time to bring back the free thinker, free will, and the power to heal the self.

Stay tuned, more to come! Bright light Blessings.



Reiki Rays

The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-Attunement – Author; Brett Bevell.

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