What is love for you? To me, love is the little things, like taking the time to see all the surrounding wonders, to hear your thoughts, to love seeing yourself grow and want to be there to help yourself grow. Love is a partner, not someone who demands your attention in your space. Love is kind, love is compassion,love is not jealous, love is telling you when you’re as asshole, love is a rainy day, love is watching your child.

I have found that the way you speak to yourself is very important. Instead of saying you are a work in progress, say instead you are love. You are not working on issues; you are becoming mindful of the energies that you are moving through. Telling it in this manner, you have already decided that you are moving through whatever it is you are dealing with at that moment. So the energy you are creating is already happening, which means you are speeding up the healing, the learning, the spiritual movement.

I have a secret to tell you. You came down here to learn and fuck up. Yes, you did. You are not perfect, nor will you ever be. You are a flesh and bone human being. All those bags of bones in the government are just that, shit heads that are living breathing individuals that have allowed themselves to become heartless for the love of a dollar. Walk up to them and put your fist in their nose they will crumble like anyone else. But you have one thing that they don’t, you have a power they are jealous of and they are trying to destroy it. You have the power of love!

“As soon as you enter the Earth plane, the mind creates an attachment to this reality through an identity, and through experiences, known as the ego. People get hung up on the thought of “killing” the ego, as if that is possible. You need an ego to survive on this earth playing field. You cannot survive without an ego. The ego is built into our system to attach us to reality, to help us choose to stay in these temporary bodies. If you didn’t have an ego, there would be no reason to keep us here on this third-dimensional plane.” (Spirit Hacking Shaman Durek)

“The ego gets a bad name because some people’s egos come from a lower energy field, which causes fear, judgment, and hierarchy. But there are those of us who choose to develop our egos such that they are rooted n love, and devotion, and service. The ego is misunderstood, which is why the ego is not properly engaged or strengthened. The ego is an affirmation device. Its purpose is to organize your reality to match your beliefs. This means that if you are holding on to a belief that says women suck, the ego will organize your reality so that women treat you like shit. You create from energy; you bring that energy towards you. You create from that energy. So it’s only natural that if your ego is all about negativity, then you will create from a negative place.”

Learning to speak Love. It is very important that you become aware of how you are speaking. Are you speaking from a place of gratitude or a place of lack? Words are powerful, especially the ones we have inside our minds. When we speak from love, we create a loving reality. Love is a powerful word, or be used to hurt. Love has created cities, has created modern conveniences, has brought down empires! The very reason we are in the mess we are right now in our world is because we lost the meaning of what love is. WE have created this time and place in words not spoken in love. Which has now created realities of fear, limitation, and separation, which are now feeding the darkness.

Want to keep creating the news we are seeing, keep speaking of the fear, the lack of control, the anger. Want to feel hopeless? Keep speaking hopeless thoughts. If you can not see the lessons you are learning, you can not want for the better. If you can not see how powerful your words are, how the HELL are you going to change your world if you lost the meaning of the word love?

Have you ever been in a funk so low that you felt you would never see the light again? Yet once you became distracted, went off and did something else or someone made you laugh, you realized your anger, sadness, depression, is coming from the thought of lack. When we become mindful of what we are feeling, and acknowledge it. We can heal that place of lack.

What are allowing to be in yourself to notice? What are you doing when it comes to creating what you would love to experience and see? What are you saying inside and outside of yourself? You came here to experience all that life has to offer. And there is no right or wrong way. It’s all about how big do you want to create your world. Now let me clarify something. There are those who want to go to Mars. There are others who a small cottage on the moors are all they want. That makes our world diverse and rich.

I am one who loves a warm fireplace. My fur babies surrounding me, sending messages to a love one or a best friend. A home to share with another mindful soul, where we cook, laugh and play. Of course, there are things you have to be responsible for, like keeping the place up and grow your own foods. There are many things to learn so you can run a home. There are still sicknesses and unfortunate events, but with the right mindset, when you speak from love, you change the perception and the direction. Life becomes a fun challenge. Illnesses can become a mystery you solve using herbs, diet and lifestyle changes.

Am I the only one who can see that all this complaining is only giving us the same things we are complaining about? Sheesh you human beings. If you don’t like what is happening, change it. Sitting on your laurels complaining about the world going to shit is ONLY GOING TO BRING YOU MORE OF THE SAME!!

Become brave!! You are so much stronger than you are led to believe. If I had accepted my medical injuries, my illness and what the government has done, I would be on a bag full of worthless pharmaceuticals, like anti-depressants, mind numbing medications, and acting like a Karen, creating a world of shit every day. NO, I refuse to be a complainer! I want to be an encourager, a voice in the darkness, a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to speak with love in my heart!

1 Corinthians 16:14 – Let all that you do, be done in love.

1 Corinthians 13:13 – Three things will last forever – Faith, hope, and love- and the greatest of these is love.

Have you ever looked at a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening post from April 24 1926 issue? Puppy love is what the artist had published. Boy, take about putting you in a good mood! The point is, you can find inspiration everywhere on how to live a hope-filled, loving life.

Where ever or from whatever you get your inspiration from, make sure you keep mindful of how it makes you feel. Find those feel good feelings, raise your vibrational force. You create when you are happy the things that make you happy. But one must remember you create from a place of darkness as well. The terrible truth is this: most have been taught to seek the darkness and create from a place of lack. It is going to take work on your part to disengage yourself from that dark pattern. The first and most healing way to start is becoming aware of what you are doing! Not what others are doing!

Put out there what you want and then step back and allow it to come. Putting lack, and stipulations causes you to cut off the flow of energies. Your job is to become mindful, hope-filled and find the best feeling energies everyday.

Until we meet again!


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