Let’s save the Hearts, after the…

I feel there is a need to share ways to heal the heart and to strengthen the cardiovascular system. The more that I am finding out about this CV-19 Vaccine, the more alarming it’s becoming. I had reported in an earlier blog that the FDA has now put out a warning that the CV-19 Vaccine has been linked to blood clots.

Died Suddenly has brought forward resources that show this Vaccine is dangerous for all. Why this shot hasn’t been pulled off the market and is still being promoted is the biggest question all of us should be asking. Why?

It is good that those awake are sharing this information over and over. WE have been taught as a society to believe in the propaganda. Now we need to awaken the masses to the horrific truth that our government has paid to have hidden from us. The twitter files are revealing the lies and corruption that has been against us since the 1980s. Research has shown me that the vaccine has never healed nor helped anyone since the 1700s.

The Government and the big pharma have used the human code against us. Have lied and have taken money to destroy lives. When do we the people stand up and say enough??

So instead of pissing and moaning about it, let me show you ways to use nature as an antidote to the Jab!

By the way, I use these wonderful Spirit given natural remedies in my practice to stay healthy and whole.

So Let’s get started! First off, the best medicine is from nature. A clean diet of fresh foods, grass fed beef, organic fed chicken, and wild caught fish is a must. Prepackage foods have synthetic added ingredients and lots of sugar. There isn’t a fast-food restaurant that has clean food. Most of these places have a mountain of harmful ingredients. Ever asked for the ingredient list? Probably not.

Most of us are irregular in our bathroom endeavors. Just an FYI moment. It shouldn’t take you over 10 minutes to poop. Just saying! Don’t kill the messenger. I grew up in a household that referenced the bathroom as the Library. You can see what I am saying. My Dad was gone for days, it seemed. Just some potty humor there.

So let’s look into some herbs and mindful healing to help that ole ticker of yours. The heart system, if strong, the mind will be clear, the emotions positive and calm, and the spirit will be strong. Joy is the emotion associated with the heart. It’s why it is so important that we take care of the heart. Joy has a beneficial effect on the heart. When we don’t allow ourselves to feel joy, holding back on the expression of who we are as individuals. The reasons we hold back may be from many sources, maybe from the lack of love and guidance during the formative years or traumatic experiences or illness in life. In these cases, the heart can harden. This has shown a promotion in heart and vascular disease like arteriosclerosis, which literally is the hardening of the arteries.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and western herbalism, there are many herbs that offer significant protection for the heart. Here is a one and many more to follow in more blogs to come. Some of the important benefits that regular use of these herbs can have on the heart will be listed, but I ask you to do your own research. There is only so much information I include here.

Hawthorn benefits;

-increasing the blood supply to the heart muscle

-lowering blood pressure

-steadying the heart beat

-preventing clots from forming

-improving the tone of the vesseles

-lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels

-having an antioxidant effect

Specific Botanical for the Heart;

Hawthorn (Crataegus Oxycanthus) Considered the herb from strengthening and protecting the cardiovascular system, particularly the heart. In the late 1800s, European doctors began experimenting with it clinically for heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders, since then its reputation for heart health has grown. Today, many laboratory tests and several clinical trials support its use. Demonstrating that hawthorn leaves, flowers and fruit contain chemical compounds that increase blood flow to the heart muscle, as well as positively affect other aspects of cardiovascular health. Hawthorn has been used successfully for angina pectoris functional heart disease, arrhythmia, early manifestations of circulatory insufficiency, and as a heart tonic to regulate circulation.

In Europe, hawthorn, preparations are often used by doctors to counteract the effects of toxins by drugs given, or serve as a substitute when toxic drugs cannot be tolerated or the side effects need to be avoided (Madaus, 1938; List & Horhammer, 1969-79). In modern European medicine, Hawthorn preparations are widely used for chronic or light cases of cardiovascular diseases. Hawthorn is not a drug treatment of acute illnesses. They are foremost a preventative natural medicine to slow down the deterioration or the beginning of cardiovascular damage.

Hawthorn is a safe, long-term used and needed herb that can be taken over several months to achieve beneficial results. German DR. R. F. Weiss (1988), the dose is thirty to forty drops three times daily to begin and later taken morning and evening as a maintenance dose. Use the leaf, flower, and fruit, tea or tincture.

So I would take a chance and speculate that the benefits of this wondrous herb, hawthorn, would be a great start to helping the cardiovascular to heal, in fact to heal the body as a whole. I will go as far as I would highly recommend it as a first line of defense against the jab.

Other healing benefits that can be found from Hawthorn are, it’s loaded with antioxidants. Hawthorn berries contain polyphenols, which have been linked to help reduce your risk of

-some cancers

-Type 2 diabetes


-some infections

-premature skin aging

Used in digestive issues such as indigestion and stomach pain.

Hawthorn may reduce anxiety as well.

There is a wealth of information, but I will save those for other writings. This blog is for the healing of the heart because of the harm given to the recipients of an untested, unresearched shot.

I will be back with even more healing botanicals! Help is on its way. Take heart!

I do not believe in general practitioners that have not been through holistic medicine schooling, but I will put this information out there.

I am not a Doctor, nor do I practice as a doc, thank goodness. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner with over 12 years of experience. I am also an herbalist. But it is up to you to make sure you educate yourself and discuss your pharmaceuticals with your health practitioner before starting on any herbal practice. Pharmaceuticals have a nasty way of becoming stronger when herbs are added to the diet, which can cause you to have a more likely side effect from your pharmaceuticals.


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