Good News!

As the time falls back and the days become darker, we the people are falling, losing ground to the evil and sins of the world, Don’t have to look much further than the tv or the Social media. Why?

Well, as I am witnessing, the zombies of the world are getting upset at the notion they may have to put some effort into this old world. Evil has gotten a stronghold, and no one seems to understand that you just might have to fight for your rights to be free! Damn the luck that you may have to do something in this world other than piss and moan. That part of life where you have to become aware and take responsibility for your actions, or lack of.

I am as guilty as the rest of those who walk around complaining about the world. It is a habit we were taught, and it is a hard habit to let go of. It’s so much easier to blame than to take responsibility for our everyday events. Yet, that has happened to our world. There are those who find fault with the system, with the way the world is going outside of them, or that their savior hasn’t come down and saved their asses. So many excuses, but not enough hours in the day. So what can one do, well if I look at what I have done before. I guess I will watch some more tv and do my everyday things without a mindful thought in my head. That will show me!!

I have fallen for the narrative again, been sucked into the drama, taking the red pill, getting angry and frustrated at those around me that are not awake. BLAH BLAH BLAH> NOPE! Had enough. I am jumping this train wreck and taking back my emotions and actions. I am not a bobblehead; I am not a complier. I will not sit here and pray when I know the good Spirit upstairs is going to tell me this: get off your lazy ass and fix it yourself.

I love how I can change my mind. How I can find a better feeling place, be hope-filled and share my thoughts and feelings. I love who I am and I can forgive this ole life. It is up to me to allow the Spirit to show me the way, to become aware and be mindful. I am blessed to come to an understanding that life is challenging, ever changing, and there is only one finish line… getting to the other side having learned lessons, loved hard and taken responsibility for all my actions while living it.

I had a picture come to me the other days when I was searching for information on White Light healing. It was of a woman bent down on her knees, her head bent down, while a kaleidoscope of white light was leaving her hands. A powerful image and a powerful sight to me. I imagined myself creating this same light and surrounding me or sending this light out into the world to help heal. It has had an enormous impact on my life. If we all could see that we are energetic beings that can produce such superpowers, and that our feelings can guide our hands and energy to heal, what a world we can create!

We first need to bring back the basics of life, love, compassion, understanding, time, the family, the true nature of the human. We need to take out the garbage and bring back the basics. We have stayed too far from what is important. It is vital that we protect life from those who would destroy it for a profit.

So what is one to do? Realize your feelings are telling you important information. Notice how you are living life. Or if you are waiting for something to happen. Don’t live on default, live on purpose!

I’ll leave you with this beautiful poem from Oscar Wilde, The Canterbury Ghost; “Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to the silence. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.” Death is not only leaving this earth but also what we have learned in everyday life. To forgive and make peace with all we deal with!

Remember to love, walk mindful, have compassion and protect, honor and cherish all you are and do.


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