Soul Kisses

The other morning, I sent all my friends and loved ones a soul kiss. It is a kiss to the third eye chakra. The magic of a healing kiss on the soul. We need more love, magic and healing in our lives.

The act of a third eye kiss is one of the most powerful healing and loving acts we can give to one another. But how many know of this sacred act? How many of us have been taught how important this simple act can be?

The third eye kiss, or soul kiss, as I like to call it, has an incredible and powerful effect on the human spirit. I am sure there may be some out there that may dismiss the power a soul kiss has, but did you ever have your mom kiss your forehead before you went to bed? I used to take my kids’ temperature by putting my lips to their forehead. I know the infrequent times my mom did this; I felt amazing! I felt loved and safe. We have forgotten the feeling of this. Yet! If you think back, you can feel that warm fuzzy feeling spread from your head to your toes.

The third eye represents a link to our inner self, the soul. The spiritual standpoint allows us to see the beautiful connection to something much bigger than ourselves. A kiss to the third eye, a meeting point between the eyebrows. There is so much healing, a powerful healing and a profound way to show love, by a simple, gentle kiss to this point on the forehead.

A third eye kiss brings to the receiver a wonderful sense of calm and belonging. The third eye kiss gives us a sense of security and safety. Few things bring such joy or powerful healing as a third eye kiss.

So this morning, before my feet hit the floor, I surrounded myself with the bright white light. Then I imagined sending a kiss to all that I know and love a magical third eye kiss. It comes with a side effect. I must warn you, the other person, for no reason, feels hopeful and loved, and it is a boost to your soul as well.

As I live the shaman’s life, I see more and react less. I see the world needs to heal it’s self. When we give healing, we heal ourselves as well as others. To heal and love ourselves, we heal the world. This world is so connected to us as we are connected to the very essence of this world, this planet we live on.

It is an injustice to wait for a savior, a hero, to go around as a victim or waiting for others to change before you can feel better, is a delusional belief. The savior is yourself; you are the hero. There is no one else going to come rescue or save you.

When I hardened my heart, I stopped caring about myself or others. My life stopped having color or magic. No amount of prayers helped, no amount of waiting for others to change helped!! Hundreds of self-help books never helped. It all came back to the woman in the mirror. I found I was the only one who could rescue me. I had to change my diet, the way I looked at things, the way I reacted to things going on in my life.

You need a hero? Be the Godblessed Hero!! You need to change, be the change! You want to heal, then heal thy self. No doctor can heal you, no pill can heal you. The job of a doctor is to give you the courage to heal yourself. Of course, that pill has side effects, so maybe you look to nature for the immunity boost. Just a suggestion. You do you Boo! Remove your own road blocks, have courage in getting out of your own way.

To love has been my salvation. It has been the best gift I could give myself. It hurt, it was scary, and I had a fight on my hands, within myself. I woke up and started distant healing work again. I have witnessed my broken heart opening up once again.

Get this: I work with a lot of crystals and have for most of my life. I was the kid who found rocks and carried them home. I had stones in my room and carried them with me everywhere. I still do that.

I could not work with Rose quartz for the longest time. The stone would show up and if I tried to wear it or have it in the same room as myself, I would get very depressed, feel overwhelming heartache and such sadness. I hid all the rose quartz away from me. Yet, every crystal quiz I took kept telling me the best stone for me was the dreaded Rose Quartz!

This year, I had an amazing transformation. It hurt like a mother, but when I got to the other side of all this awakening and pain, a monumental shift had accrued. My energies shifted as well. I have changed so much. So about a month ago, I was called to Rose quartz again. This time I took on the challenge. When I handled the Rose quartz, I was amazed how I felt so revived and fell in love with this stone. I wear it all the time. The same thing happened with the peridot crystal. Both stones help to heal the heart. I can now wear, sleep and feel amazing with these stones.

The shift in my energies and the energy vibes have changed so much. My emotions have become a guide instead of my emotions controlling me. I can connect right away to my emotions and feel my way back to a better feeling. I go outside more; I have vast gardens and lots of marigolds. My favorite flower! I listen to nature, connect with the bees use nature as medicine and energies to heal myself and the planet. It is up to us to be the change.

As I changed, my life changed my land changed my home’s vibrational field changed. I see life coming back in, surrounding me. I realized that no one outside of me controls me. There is no how to book. Emotions are your guidance. Your feelings are your compass. I can’t teach nor even share what I have done. All I can tell you is I started to show up in my life and take notice of what I was saying internally .

That me shutting down my heart was only hurting me. Waking my heart back up; gave me my life back. Listening to what I was telling myself was truly a revelational turning point. If you are not aware of what you are saying to yourself, there is no hope. Without hope, there is nothing. I found that hopeless feeling and turned it around.

There is also one more thing I will add here. I am a woman, a being of emotions, an adult female. Who loves every emotional part of herself. As a woman I carry that gratefully. I carry the code of life inside of me. As a woman of quantum seeing, I see and feel things operating on multiple dimensions simultaneously. I as a woman, sense on a whole different level, or levels. Nothing is black and white or ever a straight path. My lovely life is a rollercoaster. And I am learning to be proud and embrace that in me. For too long, the feminine side of the human spirit has been thought weak, too emotional, but that is not true, without balance, of the feminine and the masculine. We get what we are seeing in today’s world. I will allow no one to take away the woman, the female that is my Goddess given right!

Until we meet again, here is a soul kiss for you! Ren So mai!


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