Have you ever…

I have a couple of sources I follow for news that is happening in the world.  I have followed some for years, others just a couple of months.  Yet, the other day, as I was watching some of those whom I follow, I noticed a pattern.  They all seem to be stuck in a holding pattern of negativity.  Just one seemed to realize this and has moved on to a more positive platform.

It got me to thinking. Is it that drama the excitement the horror that keeps people in a limited thought place?  Are there those who keep repeating the same old thing over and over, and is that why some of us move on?

In my spiritual growth, I have found out that if you want to see a change, allow that change to come.  It is best when you can imagine how you want it to turn out.  Kind of vague there… okay an example.  If I want to see the mask go away, I need to imagine and create what I want.  I have not worn a mask, and I will not wear a mask.  I educate myself, so I can create what I want.

If you do nothing and keep bringing in the same things, you will not see a change, oh the change may come, but it will look as if it just happens by chance.  NOPE, that is not how creating works.  The only reason you may be a part of the change is that you fall into that energy that was created.  That is what some would call fate.  Fate is when someone else created a source of energy that can change the direction of a circumstance.   If you are walking around in a fate kind of way, you may happen across these energies and call them a miracle.  I know there will be some who will disagree, but I would refer you to quantum physics.

I use quantum physics in homeopathic medicines.  It is the energy of the plant and mineral that is used in healing.  We are energy, and we create what we see.

I have witnessed this for years, this kind of creating.  As I practice these ways in which I can create anything I want into my life, it still thrills me to no end.  Life is truly a miraculous gift!

So … back to what I was saying.  Those who I have been watching and listening to seem to have fallen into a pit of despair.  It is like time left them behind.  I have moved on and am seeing significant changes in the world, where I see the progress they see in the mirror image and can not break free from its embrace.  I have gotten to where I do not want to watch them anymore and have found other things to do.  I do not need to hear what they have to say.  The things I want to hear are coming through clearly in different ways.

It is all about what you want and not what you do not want.  If you want to create a perfect day, let go of the control of thinking that makes you feel you have to be something you once thought you had to be.  Confusing, huh?  Let me see if I can make this simpler. There was a time when your parent or spouse could tell you what you should do or care about, but there came a time when you broke free from that limited thought and thought for yourself.  You saw your own individuality and did what felt right to you.  Not that we do not agree with others on something, but you remembered who you are and made up your own mind about what you wanted to do.

Spirit reminds me of those hard days where it looks like the world will never get better, to view, and feel, but does not absorb.  I am to witness but not allow myself to become a part of something that takes my power to create away.  If I step back and look at what I am creating, I find I do not need to worry about what others are doing.  It is up to me to put out there the best day I can have.  I want to create a loving, peaceful, free world. I can’t have that if I am creating from a place of fear, hate, and conformity.  NO ONE CAN!!

I love to create a fun, relaxing day, and when I wake up and do that, I get the most fantastic day.  I get so much done; I find delights in the smallest things; I find I create everything I want and more.  It takes getting out of your mind and then getting out of your way.  Imagination is the most powerful tool you can use.  Imagine what you want to see, create from that place.  Sit and listen to the birds, watch the rabbits, play with the clouds.

Here is a great way to meditate: Lie on the grass or a lounge chair, pick a small cloud in the sky. Lift your hand and, using your pointer finger and thumb, act like you stretch that cloud, see it grow and become more significant, or try to shrink it and make it disappear.  It is so relaxing, and you stop your mindless thoughts.   It helps you become grounded and centered.  It enables you to let go of the mindless chatter.  I love to do this in the evening when it cools down, and I can look into the sky and not burn my retinas out of my head.  LOL.

It is all about becoming the creator you are, allowing others to leave and come into your life as they should.  It is about letting go of the old thinking and remembering the creator you are.  You came here to live, learn, witness, remember, and create.   There is much more out there than what is on your phone or TV.  It is all about being able to be the best spiritual being you came here to be and experience.  You knew you would face challenges; you knew you would find your way back to who you are; you knew you would be the best creator you can be, and you knew you would enjoy every moment.  Now that being said, those things may not happen for some.  It is okay; we all learn in different ways, but remember, no one can stand in your way unless you allow them too!

SO… here’s to the old and off to the new!

“Let us live for the beauty of our own reality.” Charles Lamb.


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