Someone to save me

A constant theme in this CV Hoax and it has me very concerned about our world.  Why are there so many people out there looking for a savior?  Some think that once this election is over, all will be well.  How do you figure?  All who wear a mask in the thought that it will save someone else’s life. How so?? How can so many walk around in the dark?

No savior is coming outside of yourself!  You are the savior!

There is so much information out there. Is that why so many walk in the dark looking for that one person or entity that will save them? How can you be so blind?  The information that flows to you is only for you.  It is to help you grow in knowledge. Those who seek the teacher will be ready for the teachings!

I saw this morning…  I walked through fire, death, and had wave after wave of fear hit me.  I saw the light. It was bright and filled my heart with hope, joy, and love. I watched as the light turned into a glowing white hand, a white brighter than snow on a sunny day. This white hand reached out for me.  I kept walking through death and destruction, following this brilliant white hand.  As I walked and concentrated on this hand of light, I got to notice that I had seen this hand before. I could see that this glowing hand had the same rings I wore.  I stopped and pondered what could this mean. I could see all the death and destruction crumbling away, leaving me on a cliff of ragged rocks.  There was nothing out there, just dark and me high on this peak of rough stone.

Then the glow of the hand grew all around me, I could see, and I found I was not up high at all. I was just standing on a ragged old rock.   I stepped down and watched as the light became a form, and I knew it was female, and I could feel I recognized her.  As she walked closer, it was as if I came upon a brightly lit mirror.  I looked away, and all was aglow with bright white light. I turned back towards this person, and she smiled at me.

IT WAS ME!  I was standing facing me!  HOW could this be?  I thought it would have been an angel or Spirit its self.  But no,… IT WAS ME!!

The message hit me hard!  I am my savior; I am the only one who can change my fate.  I am the only one who can help me through this destruction.  I have the power to react, and how I react will detail my choices for the day.  I am more than capable of choosing how I want to respond to what is outside of me.

I have the power to create, but I need to build from within. It is by how I react to those things around me that will bring to me what I want.  If I create from a place of fear, then I will create panic for that day.  It is up to me to create from a place of peace, joy, and love.   I know that what I want is out there. I just have to align with it and allow it to come into my physical space.  I want my world to be filled with health, wealth, and love.  I want to see those around me find their way in this world.

I woke to a song on my Alexa from the group Skillet. The song is called “Victorious.”  Talk about bringing a message home.

High above it all (above it all)
Victorious, victorious
Far too long. I’ve grown (far too long)
In hopelessness, I’m over this
Don’t give up on me (don’t give up on me)
Tell me you believe (tell me you believe)
I can’t face it all (face it all)
Victorious, victorious.”

It got me to thinking;

We are here to learn, to live, and to be victorious.

Why do so many crumble when life becomes difficult? The answer is so apparent; we are taught that we do not matter and that we are powerless and must rely on others to make things better.  It is so sad, but for generations, we have been conditioned to think we are nothing without outside interference. How your day will go is by how you react to all that is going on around you.  How do you want to react when life is challenging you?

I was talking to my sister the other night. She and I had a debate about the mask. Now I will tell no one what they should do, but I am going to put out there some thinking beyond the box.  There is no reason to have a fight about a mask, but we need to have discussions about why we are being forced to wear one. Fear takes away your GOD given power! If I got angry and fought with her, I would have only walked away mad, depressed, hurt.  I would have missed out on having a great discussion.  I stepped back from my want to be right and listened to her fears and concerns.  I could see where she was coming from.  I did not agree, but that was okay.  I love her, and she is my sister.  I respect where she comes from.  She has to learn in her own time, and if I am mistaken, I will acknowledge that!

There is no way I am going to fear a corrupt government. The very few up in the office are greedy and vengeful, they do not matter to me.  I watch as they crumble from the deception they are creating. It does not affect me because I chose it not to change me.  I create what I want; they do not matter to me. SO I create the day I want.  I will not allow those outside forces to derail me in creating my perfect day. I base my decisions on what I want and create my path to where I want to go.  There are always choices!!  It is all in how you react to what is going on around you!

The only person or Spirit or entity that is going to save us is ourselves.  There is no one man, sprit, or savior out there.  The Spirit gives us the power and the strength to defeat our enemies.  We are never alone. The higher self knows where and what we need to do.  It is up to us to get out of the way and allow ourselves to hear the messages!

I woke from my vision, victorious!! I woke with new energy coursing through my mind and my body.  I have only to reach inside for my own God-given power and move those mountains.  We have to reach deep and find that unique gift of Spirit!! You are a creator. What are you going to create today?

Ohh, if you react negatively, stop what you are doing, get up, walk away, and go find some joy.  Grab your dog, your children, your loves, and give them a huge reason to be happy for the day.  Give them a piece of shining self! It helps bring in all you want to create.

Remember, you create from a joyful place, not from a fear-based place!

“The measure of choosing well is whether a man likes and finds good in what he has chosen.” Charles Lamb.


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