Detachment from the planademic

Since disconnecting from the censorship of facebook as well as a couple of other social media outlets, I am finding that I am not having any issues falling asleep.  I am more connected to my breath, and I take more time to be out and amongst the people.  Well, I have been doing that all along.   Some would try to shame me into thinking that I am trying to kill others, and the local news would call me uncaring.

It is a shame to see the sham that is happening in our world right now.  There is brother, sister, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, and friends who are all going at one another on nonscientific BS. WHY???

Why are we so ready to cut one another throats and not want to see the bigger picture here?  Is it just too much reality??  Have too many drank the cool-aid and forgotten to ask questions? Why would we want to believe the worse in your own group of people than your local news?  Why would you want to give your power over to doctors who have no idea how to treat the whole of the human?  This is what I get for disconnecting to the old TV!!! MAKES ME GLAD I DID!!

It is a very confusing time, but a much needed time.  Too many have closed themselves off to their spirit and to the source.  Too many live a (and I will borrow this from our government)  non-essential life.  I see them as the ones who get up, eat, work, watch Tv, and then go off to bed.  They then get up and rinse and repeat.  It is so sad.  They are the ones who do not want to be triggered or feel a little discomfort. It is a shame to see folks attack others for standing up and asking questions!  WHY?  Do you not want to know as well??!!

This is the time that I am going to stand up and speaking out.  Damn the repercussions!  I will not become part of the sheeple! I am not just an SSN; I am a human being a spirit, and I am more than a dollar sign!!

It is time to reconnect to that inner warrior. It is time to ask questions and lots of them!! There is no need to censor, it is time we put it all on the table and look deeper into what is happening.  It is time to use your gut instincts and love for yourself and fight through the suppression.  It is time to let others be who they want to be, but hold steady in who you are.  No more do I follow the majority, I like being my one!  It is time to stand together with like-minded people and let go of those who would want to control you with their blindness.

No, you do not have to tell those who are asleep to awaken, it is up to them to step up to their own destiny, in their own time.   But you do not have to stay behind and babysit them.  It is time to cut the cords and walk where you feel your heart is leading you!  Listen to your heart!


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