I have disconnected from all social platforms as of Monday.  No Facebook, no Youtube that has anything to do with Covid-BS and turned off all who are out there preaching about this Crap.  I have had enough of being fear mongered.  It is time to stop this limited thinking with a chaser of fear.  No one knows for sure anything, and it is getting where there are so many lies, and with the censorship being cast upon us, there is no way to get a straight answer.  Or is there??

I stood up and put myself in quarantine from the local news and social media.  It is time to jump off this train of destruction.  I’ll be taking my own notes and watching what is happening around me.  And none of what these so-called experts are correct in any way shape or form, from what I am seeing.  My hospitals are not overrun, no body bags are littering the streets, and no one is falling over and just dying.  My 102-year-old grandmother got this virus and lived to tell about it without being put on a ventilator!!

I am not running with the pack called fear!!  I am running with the wolf as I would put it.  I am so tired of hearing from triggered assholes that only want to fight and call names.  Shame on you who would instead put people down!! It is time to disconnect the wires that society wants to put on me.  I am not one of them, nor will I ever be.

It is time to stand up and reconnect to your source, to love, honor, respect, protect, and be there for yourself.  No, the world is not going to end unless you want it to.  Put your thoughts and energies where you want, not where you do not want.  If it makes you feel sad, mad, bothered, triggered, depressed, well, that is your spirit telling you that you are in the wrong place and space.  It is your wake up call to get the hell out of that arena.

I already feel 1000 times better!!  I love not getting up and looking at my phone 100 times a day.  I looked that up yesterday before I disconnect my Facebook.  I had hours and hours there.  Why?  That is insane!! I was losing sleep, becoming angry, was fighting with friends and family members! WHY??  I felt drained all the time and could not relax.  Why? What was I gaining to be so messed up about something no one can give a straight answer about??

I am reconnecting to love of life, talking to friends, and listening to music.  My plan today is to make a playlist of my favorite music on all my devices.  I am going to water my gardens and watch my Baby Great Horned Owls.  I have three, and they are growing up so fast.  I will be listening to my blue jays, sparrows, finches, and morning doves.  We have a million butterflies coming out, wow what a spiritual sign that is!!  There are signs from the spirits, and I was missing them because I was all into this crazy BS of the Hoax, the non proven BS that is being spread!!

I am sad that I lost 2 months of my life to Fear and Hoaxes.  I am mad because I gave up my freedom by listening to the news and watching as people lost their shit on social media.  NOT ONE MORE MINUTE WILL I GIVE!!! NOT ONE MORE SHIT WILL I GIVE TO FUCKERY!!  Don’t like my word usage, well stop following me!  I am okay with that, in fact, I would be very proud to have it happen.  I am so done with all this corruption and dishonesty.  I am not here to make you feel better.  You are not here to make me feel better. You and I are here to make ourselves feel better!  You are here to protect and serve your own way of life.  You are here to be healthy and free!!  SO ACT LIKE IT!!  

It is time to stand back up, dust yourself off, and start over again.  I fell. I got up, and I am NOW swearing an oath to myself.  I will protect and serve my own way of life, and if I am to help others, I trust that spirit will let me know. Until then, I am going back to nature, eating healthy, calling my friends, and smiling at strangers.  I may not see them smile again, but they have to do what they believe they have to do. May the sleepwalkers awaken!  Freedom is so lovely!!!

I realized as I watch the butterflies dancing and dining on dandelions that spirit was telling me everything will be okay.  I faced my fears and overcame the confusion and I trust others will too.

I hope you all have a great day!  Freedom and health to you!


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