The first step to self-love

It is a job that has the most significant rewards.  Loving the self is not for wimps. I have had more fun working on myself than I have had going on the best vacation.  Sounds too far fetch… well that is your old story running in the background tell you just that.

I have found through a lot of soul searching that those who get ahead believe in themselves.  How?  How do they find that secret of success? Well, I didn’t find it in the hundred books on self-improvement, the church, the counselors, the pills.  I didn’t find it sitting for hours in a yoga pose while chanting sounds. I didn’t find it in the medical community or even best friends, family, or strangers.  NOPE, Not one of those things or places helped me to see me.

As open-minded as I thought I was, as connected to spirit as I felt< I still didn’t find my true love.  There was always the dogma of how what and where I was supposed to be like.  There was the need to please! The need to care, to get involved in being in the drama the trama, the news.  The need to know all that is happening around me.  All that was my biggest downfall.

When you get to that point in your life that you feel like you are being pulled in so many directions, you start to become overwhelmed and then become sick.  No matter how I changed my diet, read books, listen to podcast, research, took drug even herbs, I was falling down a dark hole of no hope.  I was rotting from the inside out, and I was dying.

I had given my power my will to those who claimed they knew what I needed!  Why is that?  Why do we hand over our lives to others who are just as fucked up as we are? Why do we not ask why before we believe in what they have to say?

I am as guilty as the rest out there that go around believing in a Messed up God, government, and medical community.  Why would the government want me to be well or fair well, they would lose money on me.  Why would I believe in the preaching about a God who is mentally ill?  He curses you and cures you??  Why??  Why do I think that a medical community that endorses know carcinogens, would have my best health in interest?

They are all the made-up stories of men, who are being taught, they can control the masses by making sure they preach to us that we are stupid and can not take care of ourselves.  Fear helps them keep us in line and helps us to feel helpless.

Our existence on this planet is not to be the meek nor the abused.  When will you take back your power and fight for you?  I know it is so much easier for all others to take control, so you don’t have to think for ourself.  How dare anyone challenge that. Yet, what if I tell you this when you start to ask why you begin to make you number one when you get off the train of deception, your life will change most miraculously.

Tomorrow you find out how to do just that!  Have a beautiful day, you amazing being!


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