I Have been working with fate here of late.  Fate not what I have been taught.  It has become a great tool when it comes to dealing with life day to day.  What is fate mean to me? Well, I can tell you what it doesn’t say to me.

“The development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.”

I believe we have control over how we react to all things that come up in our lives.  I have witness fate as this when I have something that is beyond my power if I allow it to be, most times it turns out to be a blessing.  It is when I fight against what I am supposed to learn, that it has a way of taking over my daily life.
I am so lucky that I hear spirit all the time, I don’t listen to it all the time, but I am fortunate to have spirit there.  It is when I do not listen that I find myself in a pack of trouble.  That little inner dialogue we all have heard yet don’t listen to.  Fate is blamed because it is easier to blame something outside of ourselves then to stop and deal with what we have going on in our life.

Spirit told me to love myself, for all that others would call flaws.  I was told to allow my life to progress in a little trickle of water analogy.  All water has a way of finding a way to flow even in the hardest places.  This little saying became a way to get me through my toughest days.  I kept telling myself to trickle through the cracks of those times I found the hardest.
When I could see that there was always a way to see myself on the other side of hurt, or difficult times, I found I could handle anything life seem to through at me.

Fate has no control over how I feel or how I deal with what comes up in my life.  Fate is just a word that describes the lessons I am supposed to learn.  I found it a good habit to practice every morning, praying or asking my higher guide to help me be lenient and loving towards all that I do for that day.  At night I practice being proud of all I did, the best I could at that time.

I have had so many changes happen since I started this practice. My Daughter has called me, and I am finding peace with my mothers’ illness. I am at peace most days with my chronic Lyme Disease. I know these are lessons I am here to learn, that Earth is all about the limitations we must maneuver around, which is what I call life.

If I look around at this world, I can see all that others call mistakes, laziness, bad luck, and the list goes on. All these things are only tools to help us learn the coolness of being a human being. When I looked deeper into the pains of the past, the growing pains of life, and did not fight them but flowed with them. These pains became celebrations.
My favorite saying to others is if everything was supposed to be perfect then why would we leave heaven to come here.
Life is messy. There is no planning anything that can not go wrong or be changed. There are some things we will do by our own hands, decisions, and there will be dealing with the choices of others.
It is our job, to work on how we will deal with those issues.
Fighting, anger, depression, and giving up are all the ways we can deal with a severe or unwanted situation that come up. Or we can allow ourselves to flow like that little trickle of water and find a way to continue to flow around and through these lessons called life.

Do not look to the past for answers, but allow them to go. If you had known better at the time you would have done better, or not. The question is not what you would have done but the acceptance that you did things the best you could at that time.

Fate to me is a river; I can fight the current or I can sit back and enjoy the ride.

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