Let your own Guidance be true

These past couple of weeks I have had some pretty harsh days.  I didn’t know why until today.  I was pushing against myself in many ways. I have a hard time with allergies, anyone who has them can sympathize with how allergies can pretty much cause you to stop doing much of what you usually do.

I will not take OTC for allergy relief due to the harm they can cause.  I don’t like the way they make me feel either way I will not take them.  I have been using herbs as of late, and they work some days and others when the wind is blowing, I struggle to keep my sanity.

Not only that but I have been hard on my beliefs here lately.  I have been working myself over.  I stopped listening to my inner guidance and started to hear more of the world.   Life can do that when we are not a deliberate creator.  It happens so fast too, one-minute things are all going well.  You see all your wants coming about and then before you know it you feel like falling into a deep dark hole.

I knew I was in trouble, but all that I tried wasn’t working. Once momentum gets you it’s like trying to stop an avalanche. No matter the exercises, the meditation, you find the only way off the bad energy ride is to ride the ride.  It isn’t fun to have to ride that ride either.  You know in your heart that you don’t want to go down that depressing path you have stumbled on, but you don’t know how to get off of it. Life seems to throw all that negativity your way as well.  I hate when I get on one of these rides, I become a bit bitchy and whiny.

I kept trying to stop and meditate, listen to music, find happy thoughts, and I did for a moment, and then I was back on that slippery slope and off I was again not able to get out of the crappy feelings I had conjured up.  You can not get from a depressed emotion to Joyful emotion in 3.2 seconds. I wish I could have. You have to stay there and ride it out because that is all you can do.   I walked around saying out loud I have fallen into a world of word vomit and the law of attraction is giving me all I have stumbled on and over.  You feel like a big sloppy mess of emotions that you have no idea how to organize.

Once I stopped fighting the fall, I was able to figure out what sent me this way in the first place.  I WAS NOT LISTENING TO MY INNER GUIDANCE.  I started to judge what I saw on tv, which brought more judgment from other areas, which had me feeling unlike my true self which caused me to get depressed, which then created me to get judgemental of me.  The only time I was not in this momentum of crap was if I was asleep or I was watching a cute, funny show.

I love to learn and yet I was separating my energies in my belief and what I was learning from others.  I believe Herbs help me get back to my well-being.  From another source, I was being taught that we do not need anything tangible to get back to our prosperity.  I was in conflict with what another was saying to what I was feeling.  I should have listened to me not them. If I had been true to thyself I would not have allowed my energies to get pulled in two different directions.

I love herbs and essential oils.  I believe that they are here on this earth plane to help us get back to our natural well-being state of existence.  Some people find other ways to help them find their way back to that natural well-being state.  I hate that those things are called crutches.  Sometimes it is hard to find our way back to well-being and if a teddy bear, sports car, herbals, essential oil, prescription, food, etc. helps than who are we to decide what someone should do.  I don’t like telling people that they should take this herb or that essential oil unless asked.  Then it still is up to them on whether they want to try it or not.  I want them to find what makes them feel in control of their life.  I am not in control of making them better.  I see them as well already, they have to find that vibration so they can get back their well-being feeling.

We are all here for different experiences.  No two people are the same.  We all learn in different ways and react in different ways.  There is no right or wrong.  There is just listening to what is inside and doing that!  If it makes you feel kind, safe, worthy, well, happy, joyful, excited… then do that by all means.  Stop listening to the peanut gallery out there.  If what they say, be it an expert ( which I doubt very much they are an expert, for all things change) then tune them out turn them off,  walk away or run from those who cause you to question yourself.  Seriously, if what they say doesn’t excite you then walk away and stop listening.

It is a shame that we are taught that we need others input to make us feel something.  I don’t know about you, but I love how I say things to myself, I love how I take care of me. I love that I am learning to let go of the false teachings, the past teachings and do what makes me feel good.  Nothing is gained from looking to the past and no one knows you like you know you!

Listen to your inner guidance, if it feels yucky than get away from it. If it makes you feel bad, get away. You came here to live your hearts desires, not to listen to experts that are not an expert on you!

I am an acknowledger of well-being.  You are perfect in Sources eyes.  You can find your way back to well-being and when you slip, look forward to the ride.  That’s what life is all about.

WWYHS (what would your heart say)


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