Vision Board

I am not into vision boards, but they got me to thinking, and then, of course, my inner guide sends me a confirmation on what I have been feeling through a video or article.   This time it was a video, guess who?  Yep, my favorite teacher Abraham Hicks.

So I have tried to make a vision board but there are so many things I want, and it was hard to just create one that was the most important.  I want so many things that have nothing to deal with material things, and then there is the vision board for the material things.  I would have to devote two rooms in my home to just vision boards.  Good Lord how in the world can anyone have the control to do only one board? It is so unrealistic if you ask me.

So I quit and went to writing my thoughts down in a journal, but that became a chore. How in the world can you keep what you are in the asking for, while more wants and desires are always coming forth?  I have seven journals and when I reread them most of what I wanted has come and gone and then there are things that have yet to manifest.  So do I tear out the pages that came to be and leave a very thin journal that looks like a toddler happened to come across?

So I gave it all up and started to let it all go.  Yet all the help books say you need to get your thoughts under control.  I am not able to do this nor do I want to work so hard at making sure my thoughts are always in one way or another.  I think those who write those books still don’t have all their shit together.  How could they?  They keep writing more books on the same subject.

Abraham Hicks had the perfect answer, how about creating a vision board of all the things that make you happy.

WHY not I thought.  I would love to create a vision board with all my favorite things, all the beautiful places I like, all the words that make me feel amazing.  I loved the idea.  Is it not true that Law Of Attraction is based on getting what you want, and if you are happy you get all you want, but here is the cool part.  If you are only looking for the glad things and creating a vision board for those things, then you have no time to think about lack.  I believe if I am happy all that I will attract is the same.  Like attracts Like!!

I got out my magazines and started to create my vision board on the things that make me happy.   It is a work of art, I love how it makes me feel.  When I look at my creation, I find that no matter what is going on that might have me down, my vision board helps me find my happy place.

The other day I was talking to my 100-year-old Grandmother.  She is lovely and so knowledgeable.  She knows so much, and she is very open-minded. She knows the news is full of crap and that life is meant to be lived one day at a time.  So I asked her why do we make life so hard and she said: ” Because that is what we were taught by our parents, and they were taught by their parents.”

She is starting to forget things, and it worries her, I asked her what was it that she does not remember that is so important?  “I loved her answer, “well really nothing when you put it that way.”

Why do we make a fuss to remember things from the past?  Every day when we wake up it is a new day, there will be new wants, new desires, new lessons and if we allow the past to go, we will find new things to love and play with.  I don’t want to remember the past things that do not matter, I want to remind myself, I love.  I want to let go of those who wanted to be let go.  Every day is a new beginning, a new day, a new beginning.  Wow, just let that sink in, every day I get to make my day from a fresh start.

So my vision board reminds me of those things I love, that make me happy, that’s all I need to remember.  The rest will take care of its self. I know that I will not repeat those things that were hurtful, but I will want to repeat those things that felt awesome!


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