The Holiday season is over and the new year approaches.  I am worried.

I have heard from many gurus, religious leaders that the world is seeing a shift, a shift towards caring and compassion, a shift in Love.  I do not see this, many of us are not seeing this.   I am looking really hard too!! I am perturbed about the way our world is going.  I see more and more friends checking out of life, and no I am not talking about suicide I am saying they check out on their family and friends.  There is no care, love or compassion.  Those who have checked out are walking zombies, they go through the motions in a daze all day.  I see my own self-being pulled to shut out the world because of the pain it is causing. I do not know the care that was there years ago, I see this new generation coming up, and they are checked out of life.  They have no love for themselves, and that ripple effect is causing no love down the way.  If we do not love ourselves, we can not love others.  THAT IS A FACT!!

I am witnessing people shutting out themselves and are giving up on trying. They act as if they have never learned how to be taken care of or how to take care of their own.  More and more Grandparents are raising their grandkids.  WHY? Why have their children forgotten what their parents did for them?

This holiday I watched as kids gave their kids everything but what those children really needed. They forgot to provide them with awareness and love. They forgot to acknowledge them to teach them that monetary things are useless and that being aware of loving yourself is so much more important than a gift that can be destroyed. They forgot to show them that respecting themselves is a million times better than a toy.  I am so worried about our world, I worry because I don’t see others becoming aware of the significant mistakes happening all around them.

I am worried that no one else is worried about their behavior not only towards themselves but towards others.  I do not see a shift in love, I see a change in gathering more shit and not giving a shit!

So how do we change?  We become aware of the mess that we have created! People need to speak up when they see problems. The days of sticking our heads in the sand and hoping for better are done.

  1. First and foremost we need love ourselves first.
  2.  Second, we get our heads out of money and things that do not last.
  3. Third, we have more outside, in nature time with friends and family.
  4. Shut down the TVs, Cell phones, computers, and social media.
  5. Letting go of the guilt that we owe anyone happiness.  I do not owe anyone anything.
  6. Become aware of the lack of substance people have.  Help them by pointing these things out.  How can we fix what we do not see?

I am genuinely saddened to see that people are throwing away people faster than they are throwing away the garbage they collect.  Materialistic stuff is more important to them than becoming aware of how to treat others. I see others taking advantage of those who are knowledgeable and are trying to show love and support to others. This world has become a free-for-all, stealing from the loving and giving to those who are the takers.

Our world is in trouble, the lack of love for oneself is killing our planet and causing devastation of mass proportion.  Think I am over reacting?  Ask yourself this, are you truly living a complete and full life full of love and Joy? Or are you hiding in your home with the Tv and mass media going 24-7? How many People in your life indeed make your life better are helping you become aware?? How many people surrounding you right now make your life sad, anxious, worried, lonely, depressed, unhappy, troubled?

We need both.  The correct word being BOTH!  It is easier to erase those who keep us aware of what we lack, that show us love and happiness than to hold close those who make us feel sad, worried, unaware!

Life is not about stuff it is about AWARENESS! To indeed live we have to wake up and become aware of those things that hurt, but can be changed.  I am aware that this new year I will be getting rid of those who are hurtful to a fault, I will be saying goodbye to those who refuse to awaken and become aware of the hurt they are inflicting.  I have a choice to make.  I can continue to live in a world that is not aware of the happiness comes from within.  I can love myself and care for my needs knowing that it will have a domino effect towards others.  I want to be with like-minded people who want to make this world a better place.

Awareness is the love we all need to find and be in. Worry is not going to help others or myself become aware.  My most significant gift to others to help them, to tell them to show them and to awaken them.

WWYHS ( What would your heart say)



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