Mind messes and white light healing

I do not know what to write today, my mind is active today with lots of thoughts.  I am having one of those days where my brain is coming up with every adverse scenario it can.  I sit here in silence and allow them to come through. It’s like a movie in your mind.  Amazing how many thoughts per minute you can have, and all of it be something that would and could be a problem if you didn’t know that it is just limited past beliefs.

The mind hates to be quiet and still. It’s become comical how the brain goes into an almost hateful state of being when you just sit and allow the movie to play.  I get to where I really feel anxious and angry, and all I am doing is sitting, watching the wind blow through the evergreens and listen to the refrigerator hum.  Ohhh, how the mind hates that you are one with yourself and not reacting to it.

I sit listening to the mind make up many disastrous thoughts, willing me to go call and start something that isn’t a problem, yet the ego sees it to cut off the impending doom as it sees it.  When I sit and listen to my heart, take and savor the taste of tea, while looking at the next up-and-coming storm, the mind loses its mind.  LOL.

I think that the heart laughs as it listens to all the trouble the brain can make up, or how it blows small things out of proportion.  If you can make it through not picking up your phone or turning on a distraction, it becomes comical when you see how the mind can try to mess up your bright morning.   Yes, I woke up from beautiful dreams, fed the pups, and sat down to write, yet my mind was on the rampage of problem development. Why? I do not know! It is ok not to know, the best thing you can do is find a beautiful warm and safe place as you allow all the thoughts to flow by like a lazy river.

I am enjoying my mushroom tea, writing about my mind making up mischief as I use white light to heal my aches and pains.  Who says we can’t get a lot done when we are having downtime?  Smile!

Let’s change the subject here…

How to use white light to heal everything. 

First, a brief history.  I have been using white light healing for many years.  I learned it back when I was a little girl, and we had a very active haunted house.  I believe me and my siblings brought in a demon spirit when we played with an Ouija board we found in the home my parents had just purchased.  The little planchette was lost, so we had to make one for it.  We also had seen in this dark room an old cassette that had the song Rocky Mountain High Colorado, sung by John Denver, but half of the song played only, and the other half had a very gruff, growling freak you out voice.

Still, we played with this Ouija board. After we had been playing, we noticed that the room we were in became chilly and we all got terrified.  I think we ended up tearing the board up and throwing it away, but it was too late. We had opened a door that could not be closed.

For years, we were all tortured in such a form or matter. It took years after we moved from our childhood home to get away from whatever dark forces we brought into our lives.  While we were being tortured by this spirit, I learned it hated light.  I had a night light in my room. I shared my room with my sister.  Every night that light would go out around midnight, my bed would shake terribly, and I would wake up screaming for my sister to run out our bedroom door and find the many light switches by the staircase.  It got horrible where the closet door would open and then slam as well. The night light would flicker and then go out, my bed would shake and move, then we would hear growling noises.

Things got a little better once I got myself a dog, but my mom made me get rid of him, and we were back to being scared over and over every night.  My mom did not believe us till this thing uprooted her large plants in the vestibule. My brother would see red eyes in the windows of his room. Those windows were two stories above ground level.  Then she took notice that we had problems.

I found a small flashlight at a camping store one day and purchased it for a camping trip we were on.  I loved that light, and it made me feel safe. When we got home from camping, I kept it by my pillow at night.  As soon as I see the night light flicker, and yes, I tried different receptacles as well as changed my night lights. Nothing stopped this spirit from causing them to go out at the same time every night. As soon as I realize the flicker, I would turn on that flashlight.  The night light went out, but the torch gave me a feeling that it was like a sword and I could use it to shine all over the room like a laser.

One night my flashlight was missing and the night light flickered, so imagined a white light where my heart is, I made it grow in my mind’s eye as I did this. I filled up the entire room with light.  The night light stayed lit that night!  I did this till I moved out of the house a year later.  I had forgotten about the white light till then in my life when I read an article on white light healing.   I taught white light healing to my kids, and we used it for everything.  Still, to this day, I use white light to help heal many things.  I am more into the white light these days as I got complacent and forgot about it in troubling times.

So here is how you create your own white light.

Step One, RELAX You are not making anything happen when you are stressed out.

Step Two, the White light comes from the universe. It enters the top of your head and flows throughout your whole body and exits out of your feet.  White light flows constantly.

Step Three, White light makes me feel very warm, and I can see it form into a ball right in the middle of my ribs.  When you can see the white light, help make it bigger, breathe into it and watch it pulse and grow.  I can see where my fire will get bigger than pulse outwards and fill the entire room.  It takes practice to see it grow and become brighter and brighter.

If you see darkness at first, think of a crack in the night, then see a tiny light filling in that break. As the sun gets brighter, allow it to make more cracks in the darkness.  Keep visualizing the light as getting brighter. HINT Love makes the light get more vivid and more significant.

I use the white light to heal headaches, back pain, mental stress, charge your water with white light, just for protecting me from others in a crowd, to stop fear in its tracts, to bless herbal remedies, as well as the food I eat.

I didn’t use to do this every day till just recently. I see significant healing using this.  It helps to visualize breathing white light in every time you think of it.  Set your phone alarm and take a moment to breathe in bright white light. I feel radiant light is all around us.

White light is pure energy. It helps to bring your body back into balance.  There is no right or wrong way to bring forth White light. I wish more people knew how to use this incredible healing energy.  We have the power to heal. White light healing can help in every issue in your life.

I have found as you use the white light you can see it manifest in your palms, the hands, then can strengthen areas that need your touch.

I see a lot of positive results, and I do every time I remember to use the white light. Guess who will set her alarm and using the white light energies much more in my life?

Hope you have a great Sunday!


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