Spell Weavers

When do we change the world?

The witch weaver or spell weaver… I’ve been watching the series The Discovery of Witches. I have always been interested in the midwifes, the spell caster, the elder, and those who heal. The members of my family were spell creators and herbalists. My mom thought it was evil and turned her back on her ancestry. Of course she kept me and my siblings from knowing our heritage with this act of ‘dummery’.

The lead actress whose character name is Diana Bishop, is a Professor of Alchemy at Oxford University. She has a tragic story, but it’s really relatable.

Currently, we are all in the middle of a tragic story.

Matthew Clairmont is the second character and love interest. He is charming and intelligent, engaging in biochemistry and neuroscience. It is through the book of life that these two become acquainted. Trust me there is a lot more involved, but you can look at the series for yourself.

Diana Bishop is a spell weaver. This was what really caught my attention.

My Nancy Drew came out… Can we use energy to untie the knots we create in life? Can we create our own journey by tying certain threads of life together?

But have we forgotten we have this ability? Those times when we choose to flee instead of turning around and bringing awareness to the discord in our lives? Are those the knots we have on our precious life threads?

Often, we become lazy, or distracted and walk away from the very lesson we were meant to learn.

So what’s a weaver in the witch world? I had never even seen such a reference before.

So down the rabbit hole I go.

It was very interesting to learn there are several books on the subject. I have learned from my research, that vibration, energies and thoughts can change the mind the body and the spirit. In fact the mind can do some damage if you are not mindful of what you are thinking. I know that you can walk into an energy field from 100’s of years ago. Energy never stops. When your vibration is negative, you create negativity. It is true that there is real evil in the world, but it comes from those who are unwilling to forgive themselves and stay in a negative, low vibrational environment.

Weaver 101: Weavers have access to skills that not all witches have, or have no clue they have access to. It is very rare to be born with this gift in this story, therefore it is very rare to be born with this skill. The weaver can create new spells. ‘Normal’ witches rely on old books. They also used the “Book of Shadows” to craft spells from their fellow witches.

I’ll stop here, I have always had a problem remember someone elses pray or spell. Making my own is what I like to do. I like to discover my own unique way through the world of magic.

Weavers can’t use the spells that already exists in books, so they must weave their own.

I believe we should all create our own prayers and spells. This helps us connect and become more aware of what we are spelling or praying for. This is what life is about, creating our own unique magic.

This show inspired me to pursue my own unique magic. Free will is one of the most sacred gifts from above!

I know there are those who do not believe in magic or that they are creators. They move through the world as bobbleheads, giving away their gift of creation, their individuality. It truly is sad. The matrix has shown and taught so many how to think and react from a place of lack and limitation. They have lost their connection to their true home.

I was inspired to do weaver work or energy work on myself. I have had terrible jaw pain for some time, due to my Lyme Dis-ease. I can barely chew or talk. I found a quiet place and looked deeply around my jaw for tiny very thin, colorful iridescent threads. I could see tiny knots in the threads, I could feel the blockages and the pain in these tiny knots. I moved my fingers in front of my chest and started to untie the knots I found. I gently smoothed the thread and then continuing working on the knots in the thread. It took me about 15 minutes. But I was amazed at how looser my jaw felt. I stopped clenching my teeth. I felt much better, but could still see more knots.

I figured the knots were there, because I have been worried and stressed a fair amount lately. So I needed to feel what each knot represented. It takes time, but it helps a lot. I am continuing to work on other places I am having pain issues with.

Life is a work in progress. There is no retirement from life. We only change the way we interact with the journey we are on. There is no superior being that will come down and fix all the crap we have created. We need to fix what we broke. There is no victim, just laziness!

Our world needs us to connect back to the source, the other side, home. And get off our lazy asses and start caring!! You have no one to blame, you have a free will, unless you give it away. Critical thinking is a matter of fact, but too a lot of people find it easier to put their heads down and walk into poles. We are all at an important crossroads, too a shame so many are self-proclaimed victims and have the brain of a walnut. If they have to think critically, it makes their brains hurt. Yes, I am disappointed that so many came here to learn, live, love and create, but gave up at the first site of difficulty.

The earth depends on us and we need it to survive. Our future generations and upcoming grandchildren need this planet to survive. Yet we allow ourselves to be poisoned, and sprayed like bugs, to be fear driven with useless ‘scientific hogwash’ facts, and allow mentally ill people to run the show.

The day is here, we are out of time. If we do not change, we will disappear. I came here to live, love and learn. I ascended here to create. What did you come here for?

Until we meet again. Why not start by untying the knots you created and getting out of the matrix?

What Would Your Heart Say.

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