Earth is trying to fight back

Research on Aluminum Powder and Dust

What is sprayed, ignited, or combusting? Could it be aluminum powder or barium from the chemtrails, and our storms or atmosphere react to the heavy metals, causing the strange lightning people observe all over the world? #climatecontrol

The above photo was taken during the early morning on May 11, 2023. Those are lightning strikes. WOW! Right?

As a sleuth I am obligated to look much deeper into what I am witnessing and hear what others are witnessing as well. There is something very wrong with our storms around here. May 11,2023 we had a thunderstorm that had the brightest lightning, if you can call it lightning. No streaks, just blinding white light flashes. It was very bright! My house and windows were constantly rattled by the thunder going on continuously for 45 minutes. It was unnerving!

It was time for answers. I know we are being chemtrailed and there is a fight to stop all chemical spraying! It will take all of us to shine a light on this Darkness that has existed for generations. Start by taking a simple picture and sharing it on social media. You might want to turn off your comments for a while. There are a few trolls and triggered individuals that do not want to face the fact that they are being slowly poisoned.

Those who do this atrocious act are not concerned that they kill themselves and the planet. A sane, moral respecting spiritual being cannot understand why we have such Darkness and Evil in this world.

It is a money game. Just like health care is really sick care. It is not for embetterment.

Hello darkness, my old friend! “We are in a Dark time right now. It’s been coming, because we got complacent and continued on with our everyday grind and forgot to pay attention to those we left in charge! My Dearest, we share a universe with dark matter, dark minded people. “Which means that darkness is still a thing here on Earth, and –as you already know–the darkness is all about lack and limitation. But guess what? You are here to remedy that. That’s right. You see, you are not just here to get lit, and manifest joy, health, prosperity, a poprock life, and a Giant Age, you are also here to ascend the darkness.” quote by Shaman Derick

Take Responsibility!

From the Article: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Published September 30, 2023

Ignition and combustion of dense powder jets or micronized aluminum particles in hot gas...

This was a long research paper, but I wanted facts about aluminum and how it burns. There are articles everywhere about “aluminum dust can be combustible or explosive if it becomes suspended in the air at the right concentration.” For example, one employee was killed and three others were severely burned in an Indiana plant that manufactures aluminum automotive wheels. This was after a series of explosions fueled by aluminum dust.”

OSHA has recognized the combustible nature of metal dusts in its Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program Directive (CPL 03-00-008, March 11, 2008). In addition, OSHA has issued a fact sheet. “Hazards Alert: Combustible Dust Explosions, 790.” Both of these documents describe the hazards and preventive measures associated with combustible dust, including aluminum.

I am sure I will get the troll who says, “but wait those were in conditions where there is hot work taking place” yes, but what is a charged atmospheric condition like when it comes to a massive amount of chemicals sprays, that have massive amounts of heavy metal dust in it? I am sure I will get crickets, or insulted personally on that question.

I am including different ways that aluminum or heavy metals can burn. Read them and do some critical thinking!

What are the heavy metals being sprayed? I can hear your question. A short list is Aluminum, Barium and Strantium, in which these metals have been found in pond, and lake water samples, dirt samples, and air samples.

Many of us know that the so-called “contrails”, which I have posted information about from NOAA, also damage our environment. You can find my post on those findings on my website.

So the weird storm was the Earth fighting back against the assault. Period!

So if you use your critical thinking skills, the lightening I witnessed on May 11, 2023 was super bright white. There were no streaks in the sky, just explosions in the clouds, and they were non-stop!

Can aluminum dust or powder ignite in a charged atmosphere? Having aluminum powder or dust suspended in the air at the right concentration can cause combustion or explosion.

With the Aerosault being done to the earth in the guise of helping with global warming, that is exactly what they are doing. However, they blame it on CO2. C02 makes up only 0.4% of the atmosphere as of May 2022. Right now there is only 421 ppm of C02, according to Wikipedia. Plants need 1,000 to 1,300 ppm. From these numbers we can see that our plants are being stunted! WHY??

But I digress. I would conclude that under the right atmospheric conditions we will see explosions in the clouds of an electrified storm.

By the way, the Barium (Ba) chemical structure. 1H228 Flammable solid water-reacting 2H261 in contact with water releases flammable gas. Classification according to Directive 67/548/EEC or Directive 1999/45/ECF: Highly flammable.

This will be continued: I have a lot of information coming up. Stay tuned!


After a rainstorm, this is the sky! I haven’t seen the mountains clearer in months! The blue is vibrant! As the evergreens breathe, the air is scented with scent. The birds sing, it’s like I woke up to an entirely different Earth!

It’s time to look up and pay attention. The time has come for those who call us conspiracy theorists to stop. I would say we are critical thinkers. We are the ones who find the rabbit holes and proceed forward and find the truth. We are not afraid of the truth and follow our gut instincts. What is wrong with looking and watching, becoming mindful and aware. It’s easy to be fooled when you don’t want to rock the boat I say!

Until we meet again. Stay watchful and question everything.

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