The reason for the disconnect

It’s been a wild ride here at my house. So many things are coming to light about our world. And if you are a critical thinker, you ask why?

The government is allowed to break every constitutional law, and nothing happens to them? Why are not more people seeing the psyops taking place?

It is because they don’t CARE. If you don’t CARE, you don’t have to do anything. There are so many who believe someone else will do something about what is going on. That’s not how the world works.

It’s so sad that we are taught not to be angry at things that harm or slave people. I was once afraid to speak passionately about what I CARE about.

I have asked others why they feel they cannot speak the truth, and the biggest excuse I get is… I am afraid of the conflict that will come from it. And yes, there are many people afraid to speak out about wrongs in this world.

Another thing I hear from those I interview. The reason is that they want to be themselves, but don’t feel they can. Never be afraid to speak from the heart. If I speak with a raised voice, or with passion, I am asked to calm down to talk calmly. It’s infuriating. I cannot bow down to those who do not want to be disturbed, or triggered. The 1% of the country who keep saying speak softly, can kick rocks. I have always been passionate and I get angry when I see people being abused or enslaved by a wrong that has taken over our world.

The cancer of fear has been allowed to flourish for too long. I am reminded of the Avengers movie, The Hulk inside us all, awakening in those who can feel Source’s force! Mark Passio put it so well, in a recent video I shared in my last blog.

We need to become one with the Hulk. When Bruce says in the movie, “I’m Always Angry” it becomes clear that Bruce and the Hulk are inseparable, meaning their anger is one. Only then was Bruce able to control that rage and save the planet. We have been conditioned to not show emotions, to be enslaved. It needs to STOP NOW!!

If we do not recognize the anger and allow it to be expressed, how can we control the anger and allow it to save our world? My point isn’t the petty anger you see on Twitter or TikTok.

CARE is Heart, Mind and Guts. Feeling emotions, learning, and doing something to improve the world are all part of CARE. We need to pay attention to what we CARE about, in other words. Where is your attention?

I will say this. Since standing up for my freedom I feel stronger, and I am becoming more fearless. No more will I watch what I say, because I speak from the heart. If it gets trolled, I know I am doing the right thing. Those of us who have awakened from the control of the cancer in our world, are now the teachers, to help others to see the putrification that is happening in our world.

Take back your God-given rights. It’s time to piss off the 1% and take back our planet. No one is coming to save you! You need to step up and save yourself. Let’s get busy!

What Would Your Heart Say

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