Hazy morning in Colorado

Well, the start of the morning on a Monday is to see the once beautiful skies of Colorado becoming the hazy can barely see the mountains. The Elite now spray their toxic trails at night, because they think we are stupid.

This climate assault is rampant and it’s sickening. Those who have deployed these chemicals must be soulless and childless. How could anyone in good faith keep poisoning the very planet they need to live on? It’s not about the science, it’s about the money.

I may lose followers, but I have been called to expose these trails of toxins that are killing our very lives. It’s time to look up and take notice. Let’s expose this for what it is. Earth can heal itself, if we step up and share this information, stop their assault on our precious planet. Talk to those around us. It’s so simple!

These are not normal clouds
There is nothing normal about these

What Would Your Heart Say

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