Allowing the Process

Reiki is much more about letting go and allowing the process. These past couple of weeks have been a lot of past hurts, fears, uncertainty, and control bubbling up. It hurts and I can see why the human being would rather drown their sorrows, with drama, drugs, alcohol, or other distractions, then to allow themselves to become present and aware.

In truth< I agree with the author of Animal Reiki, Angie Webster, that all Reiki is meant to be, about allowing Reiki energies to be what they will for each individual. We do not heal; we help the individual or animal noticed what is going on inside themselves. To help others find their way back to their spirit and listen to the inner child.

There is a tremendous shift in the energies going on. And we can see how this shift is bringing awareness to those who have been “too busy” to pay attention! And those who are woke and not awakened are feeling the pain. There will be change, and it will be a wonderful change for those of us connected to Spirit, to our higher selves. But for those who will resist the process, they will suffer in many different ways.

Learning to work and heal our own energies is extremely important right now. Allowing what will be by following the emotions and the heart is vital. But it comes with a cost. It will cost some friends and family. It will cost us losing the old version of our story and allowing the new story to unfold. Past hurts will come forward to be acknowledged, loved, and healed.

It’s not a hard way to go, but it will take some effort. Letting go of the old ways we once handle life will have to be replaced with mindfulness, compassion, love, support from ourselves. In fact, there will be many things we will see fall away. But these things will be replaced with much better love and healing.

Reiki is about becoming mindful and listening to your intentions. If you are a hot mess, your healing is a hot mess.

For example, when I cook, I rarely use a recipe. When I try to use the exact measurements, it turns into a mess. It’s not my energy, and I need to allow myself to see the ingredients and then allow my energies to come forward and create. We can take advice and turn it into what works for us. If I don’t want to cook, I will make a mess of it. My mind and heart need to be balanced, and then when I become aware, breath, relax, and take a moment to stop and listen, I enjoy the creation of cooking.

I don’t think there is one person on this earth that loves to be told they have to do something. Not even if it comes from their own lips. When we =are unhinged and have fear, we put out there in our energy field, fear.

I am noticing patterns in myself, where I will find distractions. It seems easier to jump on the train wreck going on right now, instead of facing my issues. But, is it?? NO, NO it isn’t. The problems I am not dealing with from the past come back, but this time they bring a two by four. I find myself on my assets and facing a big fat reality check. It will not go away until I acknowledge it and care about what it is I have stuffed from my past, way down in my body and mind. Unless you take medications, do drugs, find something else to keep yourself preoccupied, the hurt inner child that is screaming to be heard will keep causing discomfort.

So I have been purging the past. Healing the inner child, I feel like I’m in the back of a pickup truck full of boxes from my past, and I’m opening them and finding out that I don’t need them anymore, so I am chucking them over the side and allowing them to go on. Each box that hits the ground explodes and disappears, and I cry, become aware, and heal with each destroyed box. My inner child is having a blast helping me. There are two of us, and it is nice to know I am not alone ever.

I had to go back in the past to find where I left my inner child, that time when I was so destroyed and became disconnected because I just couldn’t bear to see the pain, or feel the disappointment. I thought I had to grow up and be responsible, and I left the most important part of me behind. Now that I have found that lost, hurt child, we are kicking some assets! And having fun healing all that comes bubbling up. You are never alone!

It’s taking a lot of time, but I am feeling better, and when I am tired, I sleep and start over. I know in my heart and from Spirit, if we don’t become aware of this shift, we are going to suffer with a lot of shit.

Be kind, gentle and take your time. Stop, look, listen, and become aware of where your attention is. Disconnect from the shit show going on right now. If you are needed, you will be called to action!

Off I go to become more aware, mindful, and present. I have some purging to do. Me and my inner child have some more compassion to share.

Stay safe and happy healing!

April is already a kick ass month.

What Would Your Heart Say

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