Emotional Guidance

We, as a species, have been taught to create from a place of lack. To create from a place of drama, a place of dis-ease. That is why you must learn how to disconnect from the matrix of negativity.

We are from a perfect source, given everything we need to create a perfect day. Yet we allow ourselves to be dragged into a pit of despair. It is our journey to look into the suffering, stress and the pain we are dealing with.

I have looked so deeply into my pain that, to my surprise, I looked back from my own eyes. I can see my spirit and I can work on what is causing me discomfort.

The reality is we co-create in this world. You create your life and others are creating their lives. But lately our lives are becoming a big blob and a steaming pile of mess at that.

I’m noticing the hoax of the world. There are too many videos of war, but then someone with a phone shows up, and it looks all different, people fighting at McDonald, yet if you really follow your emotions, you feel a big discord. There are times I just know this can’t be true. AI and CG have infiltrated our TVs, videos, movies and now it has become a mainstream news source. So what is true and what isn’t?

This is where you come into this matrix. You are given everything you need to figure out what is right or wrong. You have a guidance system. Your emotions are your guidance system. If it feels good, you’re on the right vibration. Your emotions are guidance. Keep the thoughts that feel good, work your way away from the ones that don’t. At first, it’s not that simple, but with practice, you recognize how things make you feel.

You want to find your way to the feel good thoughts, which create good things in your life. Never get stuck in life, you don’t go get all the materialistic garbage and then stop creating. The materialistic stuff is just that, not the real things you came to create. It’s a very small part of this life experience.

I feel like this time in our world is one of a tremendous shift. Our life experiences are collected in source, and now all the changes we have created are all coming into fruition. We are seeing a mess from those who have been in the matrix that are now waking up. I see a generation of confusion. Ever heard the song Land of confusion by Phil Collins?

The human is removing themselves from the dogma, but are confused because they haven’t thought for themselves for years. So now we are on the cliff’s edge, we can either grow and become the creators we are, or we will destroy our very existence. And it’s too close to call.

As a people we co-existing with one another, we learn from one another granted sometimes we have to remove people from our lives. There are those who have not a thought in their head that all men are created equal. But we have the right to not listen to you. And that can butt hurt a lot of confused folks. That’s a them problem.

I am following my guidance system. The more I level up, the more I let go of the drama, the material, stuff, the trinkets, the worries. These things are not important. My guidance system has me heading back to the simple life, family, and touching grass. To find my way back to making memories, not fight for stuff!

This world is not real, it is only made real by what we create. You can change these creations by listening to your guidance system … Follow how you feel. It’s so simple, if it makes you stressed out, depressed, angry, you are on the wrong path. Find your way back to the feel good thoughts and peace. Pay attention to how things are effecting you.

Start by sitting down, breathing in slowly and out slowly, become aware of where your thoughts are. What are you paying attention to? Take stock. Does these thoughts make you happy? If not, then change them by thinking of things you like. Get grateful! Shut off the MSM or SM. Go for a walk, take off your shoes and wiggle your toes. Listen to uplifting music, call a friend or family member (that makes you laugh), you don’t want the drama queens and kings or those who are sensitive <—- you know those who never have a good day. I’ll just let you use your guidance on that one.

We came here to live a beautiful, calm life! Don’t allow the confused or evil ones to take that from you. You are a fighter; you are perfect; you are learning; you are not here to control others, just control yourselves. In other words, fight for morals, fight to protect children and create a happy day for yourself.

What Would Your Heart Say

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