No fear to one fear

I got a funny meme this morning from my son. I added the pic to this blog so you can see it. It got me to thinking. I have always been one to ask questions, and can become very hardheaded when it comes to getting the answers. I’m like Nancy Drew. I am not going to give up till I find out the answers.

The world has rocked off its axis and everyone on this planet has forgotten the fundamentals of the universal code. All that we have learned as a human society has been turned upside down by a few who want to disregard all that we have learned through the ages. WHY are we, as a population, allowing this?

Amala Ekpunobi said it so well on one of her podcast. Even if you were to erase everyone’s memories, we would still find our way back to what used to be fundamentally acceptable. We have the laws, the beliefs, the thoughts we do because of trials, tribulations, and what worked and didn’t work.

Those who are trying to erase these understandings are freaks of nature who have lost their way from the Spirit or higher self. Those who demand we do it their way or else, are nothing more than evil, mindless, degenerates that want to make a narrative they believe in and normalize it. Am I being harsh to these individuals? Yes, Yes I am. In no way will I back down to those who threaten and bully others. Or those who want to take away the family or common decency. It will never become normal! There is no way to force what evolution has already been through and knows to be the best way to survive in the human context! Those who want to force us to comply, out of erroneous fear, even threaten or reprimand us, will fail like all other dictators. It has been used before on the masses, and there will be others who will try to again in the future, but they will fail as well.

The only reason we have allowed this to go on as long as it has is because we fear being in a fight. We have been bullied to think we can not take care of ourselves or make mistakes. I call BS on this! Making mistakes is a Spirit given gift!

I keep saying this and I will keep saying it until I take my last breath. We are Spirit in a human form. The human form is fallible, but the Spirit is not. There will always be a reset in the human condition. There will be those who go haywire and will have to come back to the collective creation of the Source. We come from Source. We add to Souce information that we learn here on this planet; we enter this planet via mother’s womb, with that knowledge. It is always there for us to access if we are willing to look for it, soul search for that knowledge. We can communicate with the other side if we are brave enough to listen.

So how can we overthrow the fear that the degenerates have thrown us into? Remember, you come from a powerful source and you can create what you want. No, you do not do this by controlling others; it has to do with you and your free will. You have a powerful word in your arsenal. Use it!! It’s so simple, and it is very useful. It is the simple but remarkable word NO!

We have one fear in this world, and the fear is telling someone NO! It’s sad to say this, but the word has been used wrongly and we have not been trained in how to weld it. NO is your friend. It helps you stop a fight. With a single breath, you can squash a bully, a tyrannical government, a bunch of groomers after children, a man who wants to pretend he is a woman, from entering a women’s bathroom. NO stops the stupid in the world, helps relieve stress, and can cause a movement to stop these small minorites from taking away years of knowledge!

If you have ever used it, you can bear witness to how powerful it is! Stop the fear in a millisecond. Just say NO!

NO more will the collective souls of the past, the present and the future be erased by the evil of those who have become disconnected from Source. We have come to this point in life to say NO. To stand up and take back the rights of this ever-growing and learning life. No, we will not forget the past mistakes, or the knowledge we have from the present.

So go out there, meditate and find your way back to the Spirit, become a warrior of God, Goddess, Spirit, or whoever your spiritual guru is, and learn how to weld your sword of NO and use your shield of NO, the most powerful word on this planet!



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