Anti-Typhoid vaccine causes a worse disease which doctors name Paratyphoid

Our American medical boast that the anti-typhoid vaccine wiped out typhoid fever in the Army. When this claim was made public, the people accepted it without a question. But those who were not satisfied without some facts or evidence of truth looked up the Army records of that period and found that just the opposite was the case.

In comparing records before and after the enforcement of Army vaccination in 1911, we find that the highest typhoid death rate prior to that time was during the Spanish American War in 1898-1899. This infamous war of aggression was fought in the tropics of Cuba, where the heat and other unhealthful conditions were conducive to the development of typhoid and many other diseases. There was no refrigeration, so the food spoiled, except that which was loaded with poison preservatives including formaldehyde, nitrates, salt, salt-peter, etc.

Decomposed protein and other poisons are the cause of the ptomaine poisoning and other diseases of intestinal putrefaction, such as typhoid fever, typhus, yellow fever, malaria, cholera, etc. These diseases are not caused by germs, bites of insects, rats or any of the other things which doctors like to blame. There were no sewer system or sanitation measures, and the heavy rains, slime, mud, and noxious fumes in the swamps, the soldiers had to wade day-after-day, were ideal breeding grounds for fever diseases.

The men drank from polluted streams and were fed vermin-infested, rancid foods. Therefore, it was not surprising that their bodies’ internal safeguarding were worked to the breaking point in an effort to eliminate all this contamination. So-called disease is nothing but a remedial effort of the body to get rid of poisons, blockages, and conditions which interfere with normal functioning. These healing efforts of the body manifest in such ways as sweating (fever-to-force impurities out through the slain, which is one channel of elimination), diarrhea (bowel cleansing when a rush job is needed to get rid of drastic poisons), vomiting, coughing and sneezing (to unload toxic waste from stomach), lungs, nose, throat, etc.

Lack of appetite suggests to the patient that he refrains from taking in more food (fasting). Weakness forces the patient to rest. These processes are essential to healing. Chances were the stricken soldiers would probably have recovered if they had avoided doctors and their poison medication and suppressive methods.

Unfortunately, they were sent to the Army hospitals and drugged to death by the doctors, who know nothing about the true principles of health and natural healing. The doctors, then and now, mistake the symptoms for the disease and give drugs to suppress the symptoms instead of letting the internal healing mechanism do its work to bring about normalcy. The doctors think they must bring down the fever and give certain drugs to stop the coughing and other drugs to stop the diarrhea. All these damaging medical methods block the elimination of poison waste, and death or permanent injury is the result.

After completely failing, the Army was resourceful enough to realize they would have to change their health measures if they were to survive as a living army. They set up a rigorous regimen of hygiene and sanitation and improved nutrition. This sensible program reduced the incidence of typhoid to less than 3 cases per 1,000. This sensible program was brought about in less than 10 years, from 1899 to 1908. And done without one injection of anti-typhoid vaccine being administered, or any other vaccine.

In contract to this remarkable record of disease prevention, we find that after vaccination became compulsory in the Army in 1911, not only did typhoid increase rapidly, but all other vaccinal diseases increased at an alarming rate.

G.I.’s who refused to line up for the shots were seized by military police and forcibly held while the medics injected the poison serums into them – all fourteen shots. There are records of several soldiers who were given long prison terms (seven years) at Fort Leavenworth for resisting vaccination.

It was during World War I (we entered it in 1917) when vaccination was enforced to the fullest extent that the death rate from typhoid rose to the highest point in history even higher than it had been during the pre-sanitation days of the Spanish American war. The deaths occurred after the shots were given in sanitary American hospitals and well-supervised army camps in France, where sanitation had been practiced for years. There was no typhoid in the camps in France, where sanitations had been practiced for years. There was no typhoid in the camps before vaccination, so it couldn’t be blamed on contagion. The only reason for this extremely high death toll was the blood poisoning practice of vaccination.

The report of the Surgeon General of the U.S. Army shows that during 1917 there were admitted into the Army hospitals 19,608 men suffering from anti-typhoid inoculation and vaccinia. The report of 1919 covering 1918 shows the total admissions suffering from anti-typhoid vaccinations to be 23,191 and 10,830 suffering from vaccinia. (24,021 in all, from vaccine poisoning). This takes no account of those whose vaccine diseases were attributed to something else, nor of those whose sufferings, though great, were not great enough to cause them to be sent to the hospital (from Vaccine and Serum Evils by Dr. H.M. Shelton).

The doctors knew with no question of a doubt that all these thousands of cases of disease and death were caused by vaccination, and it was so stated in their medical reports. I doubt, however, that the grieving parents were told that their sons were killed by the poison doses administered by the doctors. Under the most antiseptic conditions in hospitals all over the world, diseases develop such as typhoid, polio, pneumonia, virus X paratyphoid, flu, ect. When there is no other case in town for the victim to “catch it from.” The patients have already received shots to “protect” them from the diseases. Doctors cannot blame it on invading viruses, germs or bacteria, because their germicides and antiseptic precautions in hospitals have been used to kill the germs.

Why can’t the doctors understand what many other people already know, that it is not germs and viruses which cause the diseases, but the body poisoning from medication, vaccines, processed foods, etc. Which cause the sickness?

In the book Medical Voodoo by A.R. Hale, the author stales on page 185: “In World War I, in the French Army alone, there were 113,165 cases of typhoid with 12,380 deaths up to Oct. 1916. Anti-typhoid inoculations were made compulsory in the French Army in March 1918. A.R. Hale’s research for the U.S. Congress Said: From one congressional representative I learned he was at the very moment pleading the cause of three ex-service men before the Veteran’s Bureau, two of whom had been made totally blind by army vaccinations against Smallpox, and the third had been driven insane by an anti-typhoid vaccination followed by a spinal puncture.

He said the Bureau was fighting the compensation claims of these disabled men, because in was unwilling to admit their disabilities were caused by the army-camp treatments, although the evidence in all three cases was clear and inescapable.”

There is much more on this case and how Typhoid is Not Contagious. Dr. Russell T Trall Wrote: “Typhoid fever is not essentially a dangerous. It may be severe — without being at all dangerous. Nor is pneumonia a dangerous disease. Left to itself, it would seldom terminate fatally. We have known physicians of extensive practice treat these diseases for many years without losing a patient. But in those cases, very little medicine was given, and that was of the simplest kind. The medicines were not (the usual poisons such as calomel, whiskey, opium, antimony, blisters (perhaps this means mustard plasters).

“These diseases )typhoid and pneumonia) are nothing more nor less than a cleansing process— struggle of the vital powers to relieve the system of its accumulated impurities. The causes of the diseases are constipating foods, contaminated water, atmospheric miasmas, and whatever clogs up the system or befouls the blood. And the day is not far distant when a physician who shall undertake to aid and assist (suppress) Nature in her effort to expel impurities, by the administration of poisons (drugs, medicine, shots, radiation, etc.) will be regarded as an insane idiot. But now this practice is called medical science.”

Dr. John Tilden, another reformed physician, said, “You cannot have a very severe round of typhoid fever unless you have a “first class” physician to give it strength to down you.”

The truth is The Soldiers were killed By The Treatment, “more soldiers were killed by vaccine shots than by shots from the enemy guns.”


Rewritten from the Journal: Vaccines The Biggest Medical Fraud In History Authors; Eleanor McBean, Sue Martson, IDA Honorof, Trung Nguyen

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