You are a Spirit in a human suit!

We live in a multifaceted universe. Our Spirit side lives in a quantum energy field. Every possibility you could ever imagine, and all the possibilities you haven’t yet imagined, exists. You incarnated here on Mother Earth so you could experience as many of these possibilities as you want.

The vast majority of us don’t take advantage of these powers. We think to small. It’s a waste of our time to play small, play it safe. We are here to Celebrate grow and become the most amazing person, dream the big dreams, making our world a better place. Yet fear gets involved. We doubt our powers; we become depressed and give up. People aren’t doing what makes them happy. They relied on others to make them feel happy, or to make them do something, even if it makes them unhappy. Society has taught us we don’t even have the right to be happy.

We are not even welcomed on this planet, think about that! No friends or supportive spirits, no education on how to raise a spirit. We are born in a sterile room, with no color, no music, no positive energies. Most people who welcome a new spirit into the world are angry, hate life and hate themselves, and I do not think men should be the ones delivering children, but I will save those thoughts for another blog.

So how can we get the love we want if we are seeking it from those who have no clue what love is? Most people are not present in their own lives.

The world has taught us to shut up, follow the rules and do as you are told, regurgitating the narrative the nonsense. They have been shoving down our throats for years that you have to get a collage duh gree and get a job you hate. And if you refuse, then you will be poor and live out the rest of your temporary life here just surviving. The system programs us to believe that we have no choice but to live the propaganda.

Even relationships are dictated to us. If someone doesn’t love you like you think they should, you can harass even make them feel bad for how they feel. Bully them into feeling bad for your lack of love in yourself. Bullshit!! It’s wrong that we may not figure out what it is we really want. If you change your mind, you are persecuted.

That voice who questions you , that dark whisper, “who do you think you are to dream and glow? ” Wouldn’t it feel amazing to tell it to SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Because that voice isn’t your voice, it’s the doubt you’ve been taught. If you haven’t been granted permission to be happy and to live an amazing, powerful life, you don’t.

The lies that hold this evil system together are very flimsy, it’s like “dandelion fluff” just waiting to be blown away. If you were to understand how powerful you are, and how boundless you are, and how effortlessly Spirit has set it up for us to manifest everything we could possibly dream of, the narrative and matrix they have set up would crumble!

It is a major injustice how the media is paid by the government to relentlessly instill this program in you. I can not express this enough. You are taught to struggle. You must earn comfort and enjoyment through suffering. We as humans place high value on pain and hardships.

I am guilt of this; I have learned that I get more attention when I share my lacks, my pain, my suffering. If I share good things, happy times, positive dreams, I rarely have anyone comment on those things. If I complain, I get likes and comments. We went through these terrible things, so now we deserve to enjoy what we gained. I suffered so I could enjoy my new fridge, my newly painted wall, oh and don’t forget that zero water filter and pitcher that I saved on at Sam’s!! Sheesh!!

It’s a trap!! WE have to legitimize ourselves into being alive for living. I had to suffer to get what I have, or to rest and feel like it is justified! You have been programed to believe you have to earn your right to dream or have free will. How stupid is that!! I can only have free will if I comply, or am told I can have it!!

You can’t create the way the Spirit wanted you to because you don’t understand how to manifest.

Time has become a weapon that deliberately distorts our power as creators. Months are so messed up, some have 30 days, others have 31 days and February has even fewer days. Why? No one dares to ask if you do you are reticuled. “Did you know October isn’t the eighth months or December the tenth, but according to the dictionary, ‘dec’ means ten, and ‘oct’ means eight, so what the Fudge?” The entire hour, days, weeks and months is just a bunch of BS. The whole thing is so bass-ackwards. Yet, humans give their power, their authority and their lives to this illogical horse crap known as time.

Everything is moving, cells in the body move, the wind blowing is movement, blood circulates with every beat of the heart, oceans move, streams flow, clouds move, the planet is revolving, everything is always moving. Eckhart Tolle’s whole The Power of Now, is such a lie! There is no now. “How do you get into a now? By Focusing on it? By staring at it really intensely? What does that mean? The now becomes the past as soon as we try to identify it!” Like a stream, we never touch the same water twice.

There is only the present moment. Get used to saying that, instead of I’m getting in the now, I am getting into the present is what we need to practice saying. As I level up in life, it gets more important not to follow the BS of getting rewarded for so-called progress. Like birthdays, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, retirement, every day should be a celebration!!

“The illusion of linear time made sure that humans stay in line, and follow the rules, and keep to the system’s prefab formulas. The problem is that when we operate from the distorted perspective of linear time, we cut ourselves off from the quantum realm of limitless possibility.”

If you want to know your future, you only have to become mindful. What are you thinking, doing, saying and being now? There is no future. The future is just an extension of the present moment, which; you guessed it…is always moving.

“There is no single future path that leads us to some grand destiny human beings seem to think they’re moving towards.” Life is not a game of chance. It is built upon the choices we make. Awareness allows us to reorganize the opportunities that are available at every moment, which allow us to manifest from a place of expanded possibilities.

Dream good, Live good, Feel Everything. Have you ever wanted to be happy? What if you could imagine a beautiful, clear lake or a stream full of joy and love? You run to it and jump in and you feel this love envelope you surround you and heal you. That is how everything is in the spirit world. You have the power to call forth your feelings, experience those feelings. You can call forth streams of magic, or streams of play, or how about a stream of stillness? It’s that simple call forth what you want and, when ready to experience it, jump in and see what doors open up for you!

Stop speaking of the past tense future! Speak as if it is happening right now. Example: my new home in Arkansas is mine. I am just getting ready to move there and enjoy it. I can see myself there, feel the air, smell the flowers and trees, I can hear the birds. I got it so easily everything worked out better than I could have planned; the money was there, the move supper easy, and it is mine. I own it, no mortgage.

My Holistic Practice is growing every day. More people are coming to me for advice on their healing journey, and I make fantastic money doing what I love. I love my job and do it very well. I get to help people learn they are powerful creators and that they can heal their mind, body, and spirit.

When we break from the false narrative of time, compliance, suffering, rewards, and constraints taught to us, we find a whole new world open up. WE create our future! Humans must realize that the future is entirely our making. It has no autonomy and no agenda and no agency. The future is waiting on us to direct it, and to build it, and to shape it. WE decide how it is going to look and how it’s going to grow and how it’s going to prosper.

“The mind goes about organizing reality to affirm the story we are telling, which means grabbing hold of the experience we are talking about, and carrying it into the future, so that we can experience it as the present unfolds and becomes right.”

You are a creator made in Spirit’s image; you were taught that you are nothing. But you are so much more.


Quotes from The book: Spirit Hacking, By Shaman Durek.

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