Life has a way of showing us we are in a new phase of life. Not a new way of thinking, but a mindful way of thinking. When you become aware of the ebbs and flows of life, you can see the many attunements your body goes through. Some times these attunements are easy and you feel amazing, full of energy and have that feeling you could take on the world. Other times, an attunement can be harsh, painful and you might even end up sick for a while.

So what is an attunement? Most times, its reference is used for an action that happens between a Reiki Master and his/hers student. But as I become more aware of the nature of healing energies. I can see where the word attunement means much more.

“Attunement was the ancient term adopted by practitioners of energy medicine, originally developed by Lloyd Arthur Meeker and his colleagues. Meeker taught and practiced Attunement as a central feature of his spiritual teaching and ministry. Emissaries of Divine Light. Attunement is taught as a personal spiritual practice and as a healing modality offered through the hands. Emissaries of Divine Light believe Attunement is a pivotal factor in the conscious evaluation of humanity. Like Qigong, Reiki and Therapeutic touch reiki attunement is a putative practice, as defined by the United States National Center of Complementary and integrative Health, lacking published studies of its effectiveness.” There are scientific studies, but they are being ignored. The facts are that practitioners and clients can attest to the remarkable changes they see and feel.

The world has a way of empowering us if we allow ourselves to be aware of what is going on. If we bury our heads in the preferable sand, then we will get our asses kicked. If one can become grounded, and watch and listen, we become empowered and attunement happens.

There are those few that know if you can cause fear from the unknown, that being, people not taking the time to research and look things up, then you can control the masses. A mass of people under a delusional fear based belief is the simplest thing to control.

You have seen this happen around you all the time. Have someone run around upset and crying out something, and people gather and then the rumor mills begin. The person who started the whole thing might have just smashed their finger, but by the end of the day, the whole narrative that was created by irresponsible, uneducated people is completely fictitious. Yet, hundreds will believe the story that had been created collectively. It’s that simple to control the masses.

But when we can quiet the mind and become grounded in knowledge and our own beliefs, we can stop the collective narrative. You become the place where lies come to die. Spirit gives you the tools to become that place where lies can not live. Once you are connected to the higher self, you become a resistance. You become a place others will feel the truth in.

I enjoy now the Attunements, there was a time I tried to hide and run from them. When the body shifts into a higher vibration, it can cause a herxing reaction. That is why it is so important to meditate and be aware of what you are feeling. Ask yourself questions and do not assume. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of fresh water and get plenty of sunshine.

Encourage yourself, be gentle with yourself, respect, honor, trust, love and protect yourself. This is your life. You came here to serve no man, and you have a superpower that is stronger than Superman’s powers. You have a FREE WILL! You have a choice. You can become anything you want to with strength and dignity.

A simple little hack I discovered years ago was I found that if I took a surgical skin marker, you can find them on Amazon. I would draw a Reiki symbol I was drawn to. The symbol was then blessed with my intentions. It reminds me of my FREE WILL and that I am a creator of my day. It helps me to get through my rough days with Lyme Disease. And my pain seems to fade away quicker. I become happier; I become a superhero.

So as this world sets up ways for you to grow, take it with a grateful heart, welcome the shift in both energies and mindset. You are becoming a better version of you.

I am breathing in.

I am breathing out.


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