Solfeggio Eclectric Music Video Therapy Program

Did you know that there are healing frequencies that surround us every day? I was surprised to find out that the very sun and air we breathe are or have healing frequencies. Take, for example;

“Sunshine or Solar radiation is made of vibrating electrons moving through “hydrated space” including our atmosphere and the air you breathe. Your body, too, is made mostly of water. Water, “superconducts” sound and light energies. For example, babies with liver complications called ‘Jaundice” naturally heal when exposed to sunlight. The air you breathe, full of oxygen, delivers similar electrons of energy and “alkalinity” that keep you alive. So obviously, if your life and spirit depend on the good vibrations of sunshine and oxygen electron, then you would wisely want to absorb as much as you can. And know more about your own spirituality, your own bio-electric or bio-spiritual good vibrations in you and around you. Quoted from the book written by DR. Leonard G. Horowitz.

As I am working with mindfulness, I am realizing what is going on around me. Those I am working with or cross paths with, I am seeing the lack they are coming from. It is so important that you take stock of how you are reacting to what is going on in mind, body, or spirit.

Spirit has brought me to Solfeggio Eclectica music video therapy program healing frequencies. I have been using HZ frequencies. “A frequency simply describes a sequence of regular repetitions and is denoted by the unit Hertz. These frequencies flow around us through us. We could not survive without them. Our hearts our breathing occur art regular, albeit changing frequencies.”

I have been using tuning forks to help me with my healing journey with Lyme Disease. I am using tuning forks with the frequencies that help with certain issues.

Solfeggio Frequency 285 Hz frequency of the original form and energy, this frequency restores the original state of matter and energy. It has a regeneration effect on our physical body and is said to have the power to repair and heal our cells, tissue, organs and immune system more quickly. The frequency can not only be used to help injuries, wounds and fractures to heal faster, but also as an-aging measure to achieve a rejuvenating effect or to become fitter and more vital. In energy, this frequency can neutralize bad vibrations in rooms.

Solfeggio frequency 528Hz Transformation The Solar Plexus Chakra, above the belly button, the solar plexus chakra represents our personality and identity, our mind, our beliefs and our will. All of our stored experiences from childhood and the associated beliefs and emotions are combined in the solar plexus chakra to form a personality. An “I” is created. 582 Hz transforms all negative experiences. Research in molecular biology suggests that this frequency can repair all DNA and restore it to its original state. One would be happy with the consequences; the feeling of being reborn, full of energy and creativity and enjoy life.

Solfeggio Frequency 432Hz is perceived as calming and harmonizing, as it balances our two cerebral hemispheres and brings our body, mind, and soul into harmony. It is also said to have a healing effect on our body, because it should be able to regenerate our cells and repair our DNA. 432Hz was once used to tune instruments. In ancient times, the famous Greek Philosopher Pythagoras researched planetary sounds and planetary vibrations and described this area as the harmony of the spheres. It is based on the assumption that sounds are produced when the planets orbit the sun and rotate around themselves. The sounds are imperceptible to the human ear, though. In the 1970s, the mathematician and natural scientist Hans Cousto developed the harmony of the spheres further. You can read more about this in the book; Solfeggio Frequencies by Celyn Welsh.

Here’s the great news though, the different frequencies can be found on MP3s, DVD, CDs and videos. There was a time when instruments were tuned using the 432 Hz frequency, but in 1939 the frequency was changed to 440Hz, which was found to cause anxiety, stress, feelings of being separate and cut off from oneself. So it would be a benefit not to listen to too much of today’s music, especially if it makes you feel depressed, cut off from life or anxiety.

There is great promise in the body’s healing, mind and spirit in the spirit by introducing sound vibrations. This has and will change the way we treat the individual.

I’ll be sharing more as I get deeper into my research. Questions come up, like why did they change the frequencies in the music of today? Can sound frequencies be used to cause illness in hospitals and doctor offices? As you can see, I have made my way down another rabbit hole. Part two is coming soon!



Solfeggio Eclectica Music Video Therapy Program Healing Frequencies by Dr. Leonard G Horowitz

Solfeggio Frequencies by Celyn Welsh

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