There is no right way to do this.

Unless you proceed insincerely, or with bad intentions, there is no wrong way to live life. Gradually, you discover your own way, and then further discover that your way changes, ebbs and flows over time, as you constantly grow and redefine yourself.

Ive been going through a healing crisis, I have been incorporating sound frequencies. I have been mindful of what my body is telling me, as well as listening to my heart. As I kill Lyme spirochetes, the herxing from the die off can get really intense. The pain it causes can make you feel you are dying. It can become so overwhelming, and there is no pharmaceutical that helps. Non are made to help, they all cause more pain and suffering. So I rely on spices, herbs and energy healing. It is the only thing that has helped me through these healing crises. And a lot of TLC!!

Spirit brings us things, it brings us a person, brings us feelings, shows us the directions we need to go. We only have to practice, not practicing. To become aware and to watch for the help being sent.

Thich Nhat Hanh put it so well; The Non-Practice of Practice. There are some people who sit in a very funny way; they try to show that they are practicing sitting meditation. When you breathe in mindfully and joyfully, don’t try to show off to other people as if you were saying.”I am breathing in mindfully.” Don’t worry what your sitting looks like from the outside. Practice the non-practice practice. We can best convey the essence of the practice to others simply by doing it with our whole being.

When we become mindful, we bring up the details of our mundane world. Colors, days, moon phases and such are earthly, material-plane concerns, and are a part of our world. They matter because they matter to us. When we see the trees in the forest, hear the birds in the morning, watch the dust dance in the sunbeams in our living room. Then we are becoming mindful. Question, when you take a sip orf your tea or coffee, or whatever your choice of beverage, do you really taste it? Or is it another mindless movement you do? If you’re not really tasting and being mindful about the bubbles, the warmth, the sweet or bitter, then you are just going through the motions without the emotions.

When we are work magically, we’re working “between the worlds,” asking for the forces of spirit to lend a helping hand in guiding us in our endeavors. If we stop and get out of our way, we will see the help being sent.

Our senses are our guidance system. When we dummy our five senses down, by using pharmaceutical drugs or ignoring them all together, we lose our way. The five senses are sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. We have these senses while here in human form, never discount the power they have.

You are a superhero, and you have the power to live the life you want. You only have to enact these gifts to have the best life ever. It takes time and work, but it is easy to feel your way to those good feeling vibes, those powerful vibes! Our earthly, sensory powers help us boost the signal of our heart calling.

You have the knowledge to heal yourself, be it using culinary herbalism or starting out replacing the garbage in your cabinets or fridge. I work with herbs as a witch would when creating a love potion. Start by taking the time to know what each spice benefits are or the herbs benefits. This helps me create a potion of sorts. One that helps with immunity, inflammation, or whatever you may suffer with. We forget to play and create!

So go become that super hero you were born to be.


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