Coming out on the other side

As the ‘planademic’ becomes more and more obvious, and the narrative has been played out. We have come to a crossroads as a society. There are those who are choosing to be angry and resentful, those who defend their lack of responsibility for their actions. Then there are those who want revenge. They want revenge so badly that they attack anyone and everything. It must be so exhausting to hate oneself so much that all they can see is hate. They hate them themselves, and others. It is all in the program that the evil ones want you to believe and do.

As the narrative is revealed, like the professor in the movie Wizard of Oz, we as a people have a choice to make. Once we go through all the stages of anger at being fooled and harassed, it is time to take back our emotions and help those who were injured.

All the prayers and screams of fright finally being heard. To feel that your voice is heard from something bigger than yourself.

When do you stop and turn into the winds of change, to feel the hope, savor the feelings of hope? When do we stop attacking one another and grasp hands and look one another in the eye and see the other’s soul? When do we stop fighting and killing one another and go after those who have taken and killed our loved ones?

How many of you sit, breathe, taste that coffee, and reflect on who you are? How many of you pray for those who are overtaken by the evil of control? To sit, breathe and listen to sweet music with no words, no anger, just soft and simple sounds that are soothing and healing. To talk and listen to a lover, a soul mate, and allow their words and energies flow through and around you. To stop pushing to have a worthless empty materialistic filled dream that will only rot and burn in the future. To stop having the bullshit dream of control so you can feel good about yourself.

I laugh at those who try to control the world, and think that their money will keep them from the graveyard. Thier legacy of pieces of shit who tried to kill the spirit of humankind. They lost their soul piece by piece and became soulless.

So get out of your head and go find like-minded people who love this earth and the hope this world holds. Stop fighting with the stupid and let them be stupid. It is their Spirit given right. Just don’t allow them to push you around or bully you. When that happens, roll up your sleeves and help them see the error of their ways. There are kind ways to help someone see the mistaken beliefs they have taken up with.

It is time to stop turning the other cheek and bitch slap those who are working in anger and evil.


What Would Your Heart Say

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