Reconnecting with the higher self

What if you were to find out that the person who you are is just a fraction of the spirit you come from? I mean, you are this universal size energy and just a small sparkle of that energy that is you,and that sparkle entered this human space suit. If you could imagine for a moment that your energetic body, if you want to call it that, is the size of this galaxy and more.

“We are made of non-sentient elements. The speck of dust, the elementary particle, the quark—they are us and we are them. We need to transcend the notion of the body and the mind, matter and spirit, consciousness and the material world. They are an enormous obstacle.” Thich Nhat Hanh.

If you could, for a minute, get up and walk outside and stand there and breathe, to feel the air, the sun or the night. To see the birds and hear the earth, you would realize there is so much more than what you are mindful about.

Every Cell in your body has a brain, it thinks, those little cells know how to take care of you, you only have to take care of yourself and the rest with take over. It’s like breathing. We take it for granted, but we do not have to remind ourselves to breathe.

We are taught limitations; we are taught to fear, but what if you could get Intouch with the higher-self? That enormous energy that you come from. Where you can get answers and guidance from.

A spell like a prayer is a call out to the higher self for guidance. You are empowered by Spirit for all your needs. But we are taught limitations and to fear our own powers to create. Everything we need to heal, grow and love is all within us and we have ways to access those answers.

Like I had written above, some beings use prayer, others use nature. I am one who uses incense, or I use tarot cards or a pendulum to send a prayer for guidance. But the secret is to become aware and mindful so you can receive the message from yourself.

A Pendulum is used to connect to your higher self. It’s believed that we are just a fraction of what we truly are. This body can only hold so much of our true energy form. So when we use the pendulum to ask yes or no answers, the pendulum picks up our higher vibrational self.  We are always receiving information, but life here on earth can dilute the frequency.  That’s what the cards and pendulums help us do: redirect our energies back to a higher vibration by distracting the monkey mind, that we have gotten into a habit of listening too.

You are not this body. This is just a place we have chosen to learn from. We are only visitors and we have everything we need to take care of ourselves. The higher-self helps us to transverse this world. It is the GPS you could say. Mother Earth has everything we need to heal and kill. It is up to us to decide which path we want to take. There are those who will love and care, there are those who will hate and kill. There is only being and knowing we are all come from one source, but we have our own personality. We never lose who we are, we only lose the material body.

Lessons will be learned or not learned. There will be better days, there will be other days. It is our Spirit given right to choose how we will react to these days, and to one another.

It’s vital that you take care of yourself first, though,

Plenty of rest is important. Try to be consistent. If you need to take naps during the day to keep you revitalized, some sleep is better than no sleep.

  1. A healthy diet full of as many organic, colorful foods.
  2. Find a fun way to stay active. I took up belly dancing. It’s low impact but great for cardio. Take walks, maybe just doing sit up and push-ups. There are many ways to get some exercise.
  3. Set boundaries in your relationships. Both personal and professional.
  4. Stress management, turn off the news, set time limits on your social media, set time to meditate, garden, paint, create something that makes you happy.
  5. Balance work and life.

In the book The witch’s Book of Self-care, the author explains how self-care is a complex system of regular minor acts that all work together to create a life that feels worthy. Consciously changing your mindset to understand that you are worthy and important, people feel that energy and others will view you differently. They will see and feel that positivity and want that feeling as well. Or they will not like that feeling and leave.

The higher-self helps us regain a better understanding and helps us change our attitude. With a better attitude, we can create an improved life. When life improves, you can achieve your dreams.

The more you connect with the Higher-self which is you, the more you can open yourself up to learning what life is really all about. We live too small; we think too small. And it didn’t help that we came into a world run by jealous, power hungry beings that forgot that they will not live forever!

The CV scam had to happen, the spell had to be broken. The evil revealed the laziness broken. The human being had to be slapped out of the fear driven control of this world.

The higher-self if you can imagine, has been there screaming at you all along. Like on the cartoon Horton Hears a Who, all those millions of voices yelling at you, “we are here, we are here, we are here!”

When I get a message, I have a high pitch sound in my right ear. If I acknowledged it, it goes away. Some would say I have tinnitus, they would be wrong. But that is the way our world is. There is no compassion or teaching to listen to the higher-self, there is only repression and doubt taught daily. That’s why so many get lost and live a small life.

As the world wakes up more and more every day. We can see the wrongs and the injustice done to us. It’s now time for us to do something productive about these situations. Pissing and moaning will not put the wrongs right! It’s time to reconnect to the Divine, the higher-self and get busy making this life spectacular.

As we watch those who were led down a deceitful path by a corrupt government and medical system, I’m afraid we shall see bitterness, resentfulness, and ugliness come to pass. The reason being few want to take responsibility for their actions and choices. They would rather cry about it than to help themselves out of the mess they created. It’s so much easier to blame others than to see. They had the freedom of choice, no job, no amount of fear was worth their free will or them ignoring their higher-self, or gut feelings.

I would suggest that all start on that path of rediscovering their true self. To reconnect with what is most important: yourself. How can you love another if you do not know what love is?

So my advice, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to breathe. Take a break from the desk and go have some water and walk in the sunshine. Watch a romantic movie with your loved ones. Stand up for yourself. Listen to happy music, stop living in the past, don’t look too far into the future. Light up a prayer in incense, send out your dreams in the wind. Take a class on pendulums and learn to connect with the whole that is you. Listen to the voice in your heart. Always find that good feeling. Let go of the bad feelings. Cry, laugh, and dance often.

Until we meet again. Be happy, my friends.

What Would Your Heart Say

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