Becoming ageless

I may have written about this before, but I feel it is a good time to mention it again. I watched a romantic movie last night where the mother of one of the lead characters in the movie said “60 is the new 40.”

I am not 60, but I believe in that saying. For years, I have gravitated away from those who want to get old. And yes, it is a choice to become old in mind. It is too bad that so many put themselves into a box and label everything age related.

I believe there are days that one can feel under the weather, but why does it have to be labeled as age related, and not that you ate crap that caused inflammation in your body? Or how about your lack of motivation, or you’re in a rut… and I could list so much more blamed on age? I know 30-year-olds that have more age related excuses than my 104-year-old grandmother.

As we have another birthday, we become a victim to the thoughts and beliefs that we are getting older and things are failing in the body.

I have preached this over and over. One needs to become mindful and aware of what they are thinking. You can sabotage yourself if you are not aware of what you are telling yourself.

I woke up this morning worried. Worried about the world, about what the red and the blue evil is doing to our United States of America. I stopped right where I stood and grounded myself. I connected with Spirit and I became mindful of what I was telling myself. The Bullshit being spread on MSM, and SM has gone from bad to worse. And if you are not connected deeply in self, and are not talking to others liked minded, you will find yourself in a free fall of worry and doubt.

That’s what the evil wants. As one gets up there in the numbers, the worry that has been programmed into your belief system is one of what will happen to you. Who will take care of you? Will there be any money for you to survive on? There are going to be a lot of homeless elderly people, if you believe in the propaganda being spread by of the RED and BUE assholes of our government, those who have taken over.

Yet, as you allow the age label to take over, you succumb to the scum and then, before you know it; you are in a home of abuse or can sign up for voluntary manslaughter. Wow, the choices!!

I am not trying to be a downer, but we need to hear this and get our shit together.

Did you ever notice that when we lose heart, it’s because we are not hearing? There is no heart without the word hear in it. Pay attention to what you are listening to, who you are listening to, and what you are telling yourself. Three very important actions you need to practice.

Have you ever tried to find information on hearing with your heart on a goggle search? Really any search engine? Not there, just one book about hearing loss. It’s sad but a reality that needs to be changed.

So as we become more aware of life, where we allow the mistakes made to be our guide and we pick how we want to spend our life, let’s let go of the labels of age. Let’s let go of the dogma of act your age. How about we act, how we feel and see ourselves? IN fact, I would recommend you limit your time hanging around those who want to be old.

I have found that the younger I live, the better I feel. I am young at heart and I want to stay that way. I don’t want to die because I got old and decrypted. It was just my time to be called home.

I can tell you that my worries are gone, and I am back to having fun and trusting that everything will work out for the best.

Life is full of changes, challenges, and growth. It is up to us to weed out the garbage we have been hearing and take heart that all will turn out exactly the way it should. Make your New Year Resolution be becoming Ageless!


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