Touching Mother Earth

My favorite exercise is grounding. In the Buddhist tradition, we are part of Earth. Touching the Earth every day helps us in so many ways. When I feel restless or lack confidence in myself or when I feel angry or depressed, all I have to do is kneel and touch the ground deeply with my hand. Touching the Earth as if it were my favorite thing or my best friend.

“The earth has been there for a long time.” I believe she is a mother to us all. She knows everything. “The Buddha asked the earth to be his witness by touching her with his hand when he had some doubt and fear before his awakening. The earth appeared to him as a beautiful mother. In her arms she carried flowers and fruit, birds and butterflies and many different animals, and offered them to the Buddha. The Buddha’s doubts and fears instantly disappeared.”

When I touch the earth by walking barefooted or by touching the trees, I feel I am a part of everything. I can See the flowers, the birds, the bunnies. I can feel the wind and see the colors in the sky.

Last night I dreamed of rainbows. The sky was full of these beautiful, colorful rainbows. There were prisms that reflected rainbows from the sky. It was amazing!

“The earth is very patient. She sees you suffer, she helps you, and she protects you. When we die, she takes us back into her arms.”

We forget to touch the very source of who we are. Earth is always there, in all her wonder, in the trees, the flowers, the grass, the butterflies and the sunshine. Touching the earth is a wonderful practice to heal you and restore your joy.

I have been practicing herbalism for over 15 years. Pretty much my whole life I have been drawn to mother earth for all my needs in natural medicine. It was the first medicine; it involves using herbs, minerals, organic foods, sunlight and fresh air.

As a little girl I would be drawn to plants, and eat them whenever I felt sickly, This drove my mother insane. She was always harping at me that one day I would eat something that would kill me. She was right, but wrong at the same time. As I got older and the pressure of society making doctors gods, I got very sick and almost die from modern medicines. It took me many years of going to Natural colleges and getting away from modern medicines to save my life.

There are still tough days with Lyme Disease, but I can make natural medicines to help me get through those tough times.

Mother Earth has saved me and I go to her everyday. I am one with her!

What is a mother? The noun Mother has 5 senses

  1. a woman who has given birth to a child ( also used as a term of address to your mother).
  2. A stringy slimy substance comprising yeast cells and bacteria forms during fermentation and is added to cider or wine to produce vinegar.
  3. a term of address for an elderly woman
  4. a term of address for a mother superior
  5. a condition that is the inspiration for an activity or situation.

The verb mother has two senses:

  1. Care for like a mother
  2. Make (offspring) by reproduction

I feel like more than ever in this day and age of cancel culture; it is imperative that we bring back the meaning of mother, and the reconnection to mother earth. That we bring back natural medicines and reconnect with who we truly are, spiritual beings having a human experience.

Even going out and getting a small English ivy for the house is an act of bring mother earth closer to you. And you get the benefits of the English ivy cleansing the air. As a houseplant, it helps to purify the air. When ingested, some research suggests that it may provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition, it appears to be useful in reducing cough related to colds and viral infections.

It’s like having mom there to help you get all better!

I know we will see a huge swing back to natural medicines, especially as we see modern medicines being exposed for the harm that it is causing. I feel compelled to keep reminding the human spirits that walk mother earth, that you are a part of her and only for a short time. Right now, at this time on your journey, you have everything you need right here on mother earth. Be cautious of looking towards outside sources. All your answers are closer than you realize.

Well, the sky is lighting up, and it is a new day to go practice being one with mother earth. I have some researching on Mullein to go over, such a wealth of healing in such a fuzzy leafed plant. I’ll be sharing that information soon.

Until then, go touch some earth

Love and light


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