Speaking Love

There is one book that I seem to be drawn back to over and over. I have gone back to it when I am confused of feel overwhelmed at what the world is doing. It speaks of what is happening and why it is happening. The shit going down isn’t easy for some to figure out, but for most of us, we know what the hell is going on.

Author Shaman Durek writes about the matrix of this world. And how the matrix, which is those few in control, has used the codes of the human experience against us. Believe it or not, but you are a creator and your words, just spoken or thought, literally create reality. “People who are not conscious of their words curse themselves all day long and craft lives for themselves that they don’t really like.”

Simply say you are not good with money and Spirit says ” okay I’ll keep those finical troubles coming.”

How about this one ” WE will never see those who have done us wrong come to justice” EEEKK!! I don’t know about you but I see that thought written more times than not!! Why would you want to sabotage yourself like that?


Talk like it’s already happening with confidence and positivity. Set your intention!! Set your intention to find positive and uplifting thoughts, songs, tv programs, games, phone calls, going to your place of creating money! I hate the word work. The word “work” is a coded word with resistance frequencies, because we live in a world where we must work to survive. Which is bullshit as well!!

Shaman Durek also brought something up in one of his chapters, I read last night. Words are multidimensional. Words are coded with frequencies that [program our subconscious minds, and entrain our various systems to match their vibratory resonance.] Want the world sick, create a sickness and then fear drive them into believing it!

Mind control or brainwashing, also called Coercive Persuasion, is the systematic effort to persuade nonbelievers to accept a certain allegiance, command, or doctrine (Encyclopaedia Britannica). Mind control is used all throughout 1984 as a recurring theme to show how little power the people of Oceana actually have. Just like in the novel 1984, mind control is becoming increasingly apparent in the modern day world.

The matrix uses media to control the mind; billboards on the sides of the road are agitating and stimulating the mind and triggering feelings of lack and self-doubt! A simple song on the radio and you find yourself, depressed, aggravated, the news comes on, how about a pharmaceutical to help a disease that was lab created. “Good news doesn’t make for effective indoctrination.” Getting the picture?

I love to listen to music; it has a calming effect, but do we really listen to the lyrics? “When we listen to songs that degrade the human spirit, and that degrade other people, and tell us we are worthless unless we get more material things. We are being programmed. All these frequencies are used to control the population.

Songs are mantras, words or phrases that are uttered repeatedly to entrain the mind with specific thoughts, like love, or peace, and abundance. Yet, it is now being used to control, entrain, lack, depression, confusion, and so forth. See why it is so important for you to become aware and mindful.

I have fallen head over heels into the rabbit holes many times. I will always look and seek out what is being said and what is happening. I want to know. But with that comes the danger of being sucked into the narrative and finding oneself involved in the codes and frequencies of the evil. I have to use everything in my arsenal to keep myself safe from the sickos and those blind to what is happening.

There is great news though! The word is getting out, and we can share our thoughts on both sides once again. Now people can look into what is happening and decide where they want to go, with this recent news to them.

Shaman Durek shared a great Spirit hack to help one disconnect from the matrix and regain their footing. I added some of my own practices as well. When bombarded with the music in stores, mall or even banks, just examples. Protect the sanctity of the consciousness. Yes, even music has codes that submarine the positive right out of you!

Spirit hack practice:

When heading out to a place where there is music, or negative people, set your intention before you get in the car!

“I am going to have the best driving experience, find the perfect parking spot for me, get in and out, find all that I need and get back home safe.”

  1. While tapping the back of your neck gently with the palm of your hand, say aloud: “Generate a barrier so that my mind doesn’t take these words into my being as fact.”
  2. Take a deep inhalation and then blow it out with a loud Whoo!
  3. Use Reiki Symbol or words “Sei hei Ki” to protect you throughout the whole day. Ask your Reiki practitioner to infuse your spirit with this symbol. I bless my water I take with me on trips.
  4. I use the Bright White light to keep me protected as well. Imagine yourself encased with a bright white light that connects you to heaven and earth.

If we continue to focus our energy and our devotion on these positive energies, we can change the world. As you speak it, so it is.

Speak of the future in a confident, positive way, like it has already happened! If you are going to set intentions, then let’s set some kickass positive intentions! Right??

“Remember, everything you are experiencing in the present moment results from the thoughts, words, and actions you’ve spoken and done in the past!”

As I am realizing and witnessing from the social media platforms, I am using to discover the shit going on, ALL THIS COMPLAINING IS ACTUALLY CREATNG MORE OF THE NEGATIVE ENERGIES WE DO NOT WANT!

At this stage in this corruptive time, we really need a zero-tolerance policy for complaining. We need to refocus on what is wonderful about our world, those who are exposing the evil and fighting for the very lives of the children. That the earth is getting better, that we as a people are learning from our past mistakes and taking action to rectify the wrongs. Spread the good news, we already know what the bad news is. Watch how you are talking to others. Are you complaining, doubtful, judgemental? STOP IT!! Find ways to be uplifting, grateful, excited for the new earth that is coming!

Change what you are watching, be watchful, listen, but take time to take back your thoughts, protect your wellbeing. Connect with family, nature, spirit and yourself! Stop complaining!! Create a better, abundant, thriving planet!

Wake up and set your intention on finding the best feel good thoughts. Listen to positive music, breath, walk away from those who want to be labeled and victims. That is their Spirit given right. But you don’t have to agree or accept it! Call people out on their Bullshit, be mindful of your Bullshit!!

There is magic coming, there is a wonderful blessing coming. Don’t you want to be ready to celebrate it?

Love and light


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  1. Thank you for this, it is a good reminder.. I so often use negative self talk and it is something I am trying to wake up to and change.

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  2. Reblogged this on Emerging From The Dark Night and commented:
    Words have power.. the Universe is listening.

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