Healing our past, present and future.

I got my twitter back the other day. After almost two years of censorship and hate speak from those who are woke, I can say it is nice to get both sides of the story. For too long, the repression of speech on most Social media platforms has kept the individual aspect of human conversation from happening. Why would we want to keep people from having a genuine conversation? I do not know!

Don’t get me wrong, there are those who still want to fight or have drama every second of their day, but it helps to understand what is happening and is still happening in our world by witnessing these individuals. I had some haters come on my twitter feed yesterday. What they were barking about made no sense, so I blocked them and moved on. It felt good to be in control of my space! The thoughts I share on twitter are just that, if you don’t agree, ask me questions, or if you are just triggered, go look into yourself and figure out what is not healed in you. That simple.

I have found that once you heal yourself and become comfortable in your own skin, what others say doesn’t bother you. In fact, when you heal yourself, you are healing your ancestors and your present and future generations to come. The quantum physics of healing is vast and continues. We are never ending, and if you are not careful, you will doom yourself to repeating the same lessons over and over until you finally learn from them. As we gather information, learn to cope, and heal ourselves through education and research, we heal the past.

Want to heal the world? Heal thy self. Hippocrates said it so well; “If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool.” We are all strangers in the world. Yet we are also all connected from one source. We transverse through this world by the experiences and what we learn. When we stop reacting to all that is happening around us, stop and get quiet and become watchers, observers, we can see the hands of deceit, the evil of control, the lab created fear, the money driven suppression. We can see the confusion, the anger, the pain. Like I said before, we are all connected. We feel each other, yet, over time, we suppress and become reactionist. Or even worse, we bury our souls and feelings and become the non compassionate haters. Those who look for drama, to hate, to hurt because they have become disconnected from the one source we are all connected to.

Who doesn’t fear what is happening to the masses today? We have left behind the mindfulness and present moment, and have become labels and beings under the control of the rulers who think only of their capital gains. Those who care nothing for their fellow men, because they lost their way and their souls a long time ago. The only way to take back our Spirit given rights is to hold accountable all of those that are against the human being! The individual, the two-sided conversations!

To hold yourself accountable for your actions, a badge of honor!

I’ve revamped my WordPress. I am now sharing information on healing using natural remedies, sharing the evil that is happening from those who swore to do no more harm. As well as actions we can take to heal the mind and the body. All are needed to make you whole. All are needed to heal the past, the present, and the future. As I learn, so does my family. I put into the source what I experience. We are all learning from that source. As we learn from past mistakes, we are healing those things that once hurt so many. There is no other way, either you learn or you repeat until you learn.

Here is something I have learned also: never apologize. There used to be a time when an apology was accepted. But not anymore. In this age of learning, the others you share with this world are in a victim’s space. Those who go around in this state only look for more ways to make others responsible for their actions. They take no responsibility for how they are reacting. You see it all the time on MSM. Those who falsely accuse and tell lies never apologise for their actions when shown they have been mistaken. Nor will they acknowledge they jumped to conclusions and made mistakes in their jumping to conclusions. As well as not look into the facts that are presented to them. I take responsibility for my actions; I hold myself accountable. But as I try very hard to speak from truth and I am not spreading hate and lies. I will not apologise so you can feel better, because you are coming from a place of hate or lack. That’s a you problem.

Those of us who take responsibility have to be very mindful to not say sorry for what we said. That was how I felt at that moment. There is no way of helping these lost souls with an apology. They take your apology as a sign of weakness. And still continue to hold resentment against you. The only thing you can do is walk away and continue to live your authentic self. That is freedom.

I am happy for who I am becoming, and I do no harm against others. I walk in my faith, hope, and love. I am mindful, present, cautious, compassionate, and am changing and learning every minute of the day. I celebrate not being perfect! I allow others their own choices, but hold them accountable for those choices. I protect my rights and I put love in source as many times as I can.

My website is coming together and become an extension of who I am. I want to help heal this world, but I can only do that by healing myself. It is with great pride that I see the woman in the mirror as she truly is. I am hope-filled for this world; I am also worried about this world.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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