A wary warning about social media and mainstream media.

Russell Brand said it the best yesterday on his: Reacts to Will Smith Slap video. Is it okay to slap someone on mainstream media? It was a reaction that caused quite an uproar in the who is for Will and who is for Chris debate. Again, are we seeing another way to cause us to divide and jump on the division train?

As Russell said it, the Brokenness of the our sociaty is starting to show wear and tear. The world is falling apart and we are falling apart with it. It is showing that the world can not keep up with all that is going on and people are starting to see that in the little things going on. Even in a oscar show. Why the hell are we having oscars anyways? It is the unreality of this narative of this world right now. To have people we like yelling and hitting on one another in the way they are, it has many awaking, and those who try and control us, can not keep us in the darkness of what is happening around us. The distractions are not working anymore.

I must confess I have been sucked up in the MSM as well as Social media, looking to find some sense in this twilight movie we find ourselves. There is no truth but what you find in your heart.

So I got away from facebook, twitter, and went to truth social. I was told it was a platform where we all, no matter your concerns, we could have an equal voice and be able to talk about the brokenness of our world. There are many who are very triggered by this new platform. I having been on there for over a month I can understand why. Truth social is just as controlling as the other social media platforms. I know I will have someone get triggered off this and come at me like Will Smith did to Chris Rock, but come on, man. There is something not cool going on and we need to talk about it. It seems all anyone does anymore is attack and leave people hurt instead of having open conversations. We have become a world of attackers or victims. SAD!!

I am neither, and I got rid of truth social. And I feel better for it. For me with 6.5k followers, I got angry people coming onto my post and telling me I was not concentrating on what I should share on this platform. I made the mistake of not staying with the scripted of ripping up the leftest <— BS name, and sticking with fear mongering all. It has become popular to trash everyone!

Trump has become a Jesus christ on this platform, which has me sick at heart. NO ONE IS JESUS!!! But Jesus himself and any who would believe in this should run as far away from this occult as they can! AND no, I am not a Bible thumper. I am a Witch and yet I believe in what the story of Jesus means to me. And no, I will not go into that here. Oh, and if you feel the trigger to go after me and my opinion, how about you don’t and go find something better to do with your life? Or better yet, start your own blog and share your deep dark secrets and feelings.

Trump is a man just like the rest of us. He is here to make mistakes and learn, just like the rest of us wonderful souls. I am not against nor for Trump. I am a wait and see what is going to come about and make the best decision when the time comes up. There is no savior coming. in fact, Jesus told us to stop being lazy and save our own self. How sad that so many are waiting to be saved when in fact you were already saved and you need to get off your lazy arse!! We have become mean and non-compassionate and we have become victims or attackers.

As I tried to share my thoughts and concerns, I hoped that truth social was truly a place to have open conversations. It is not. As I had shared other things other than the fearing and the mad run to trash all that may or may not be happening, I was told that I need to keep the content to the narrative of Will Smithing the other side.

As the days went by, I got to seeing truth social as another place to spread fear and discord. It was disheartening, and I found that wanting to be a part of those who were seeing what I saw, that I would have a feeling of belonging. But that was not the case. I felt uncomfortable and felt like I had entered a cult of sorts, and I was very uncomfortable.

Before I could react, though, I was called out by family about the post I had shared, and I can say they are very triggered and very controlling. It made me feal fearful of them, to be brought to their justice and threatened.

I apologized for the things I had shared and I feel that they, my accusers, took what I had posted out of context, which seems to be the norm now. Not that I meant to be offensive or hurtful. It was the way I felt about a situation I am witnessing, and no; I am not bashing no one, but am concerned about how things are being handled in that situation.

Yet, those who I triggered made it a personal attack upon themselves. Those who attacked me are not comfortable with their own choices, so they went after me. It has become normal to attack first and then seek justice. The jury and Judge syndrome! Family against family Friend against friend. It is easier to not have honest open conversations and to shut down and cause pain to all involved. What happen to conversation?

Truth social is heading down the same ideology as the other social networks and that, to me, is a very dangerous slippery slope! I have since then removed all social media from my phone and computers. Not because of those who bully and hurt others because of their of insecurities, but because I did not like the controlling from others who think they can tell me what I can believe or share. There is a lot of miss information and I do not want to share hurtful thoughts or feeling, especially in a world full of triggered hurt people.

Our world is broken as F%$# and we need to wake up and stop distracting ourselves from what is truly going on. We have people who are manipulating and controlling us and we need to wake up FAST! It is sad that so many are walking around being distracted and not seeing that we are in big, big trouble. There is a rumor that those who are destroying the very moral fiber of our world want to shut down the internet… maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. To have a mass awakening when all come out from under their phones and computers and look at what is really going on. To have to come face to face with people again and learn how to communicate as we should.

I can say after my experience with all the social media platforms out there, I am very proud of myself for the mistakes I have made and what I have found out from living those mistakes. And I have been awakened to see that we all have become way to trigger by our lack of conviction and belief in our decisions we have chosen and need to stop blaming others for doubts in ourselves.

I will leave you with this last thought, From Thich Nhat Hanh: The first Noble Truth.

“The Buddah (spirit) told us to recognize the First Noble Truth, the truth of suffering, and to look deeply in order to discover the Second Noble Truth, the cause of suffering. That is the only way the Fourth Noble Truth, the path to transform suffering into happiness, can reveal itself. So we have to emphasize the role of suffering. If we are so afraid of suffering, we have no chance.”

To me, all MSM and all social media have become a way to distract and cause fear and confusion, and now it is causing division. Of course, I have become more aware of the people around me and watching their reactions. I see the discord and disconnect from them, their insecurities and doubts haunting them more and more. I see them attacking and walking around confused and disorientated. Losing physical conversation and time together has caused an energy loss and connection.

May we find our way back to a present day of mindfulness and compassion!

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