Becoming a Brave Heart

Man… it’s been a pretty mean and very awakening time around here for me.  I had to change my diet to all vegan.  It’s incredible how that can cause stress!  All my life, I have been taught that I needed to eat from the food pyramid.  You know the meat, veg, and starch.  Ohh how I have had that old program going on for so many years.  This year to find out it is one of the worst things you can do to your body was a real mind-blower!!

If you have read any of my previous posts, I have talked about my struggle with Lyme and EBV ( Epstein Barr virus). No matter what I ate, I was starting to have problems with.  I was to the point of only having liquids, and that still was causing me tremendous pain.  I finally reached out for some help from a Dr in Canada.  Funny how all the docs here have no idea that they are helping to kill us.  OR DO THEY??  A different blog for later.

I will not make this a post on bashing docs, let’s just say I have learned not to trust those who have a duh gree.

So back to my diet change… well, it is much more in-depth than that.  It is a whole being change over.  I wrote in my most recent blog about how I was learning how to love myself.  What a journey that has been.  When all I was taught for all my life was how to hate and feel guilt over the most simple things.

Our parents knew no other way, so that was my first change, forgiving them for they do not know what they do.  It is tough to think of this earth, as a place we came to learn how to remember who we really are.  That love is not something you do; it is something you are!

Why are we taught we are bad when we come from a form of love, an all-knowing love? Why are we taught that we are sinners?  Why would we be taught that we are to live a life of guilt and limitation?  I am finding that those in power want to stay in that power and how better to keep that power than to take yours! We are taught that we can not create, we can not heal; we can not be… How sad that we come here as a loving being and then be shit on for the rest of our lives so that others can feel powerful.  Not anymore!!

Okay, this may piss off some people, but that’s a good thing, you need to wake up.  Yes, you can heal yourself, no, you do not have to feel guilty for being the human you came here to live as.  No, there is no higher being that judges you!! READ that sentence over and over to yourself! WE came here to do all the things we see in this world happening.  WE <—– chose to come here to forget and then remember who we really are.  Some will not remember who they indeed are until they return to the other side.  THERE IS NO HELL!!  I REPEAT THERE IS NO HELL.  There is only the hell you create here from the ignorance of thinking and learning that there is an all-loving God who punishes.  HOW STUPID IS THAT!!?? Really think hard on that one.

My God loves me, so he is going to punish me for being a human I came here to learn.  That just won’t compute!  I have studied all religions for years!! That a being in the sky will smite me for having all the emotions I have is just not calculating I tell you!!

Okay, rant over…

My life has changed so much, and my health is following at a rapid pace.  I am out of pain for the first time since I was a teenager, I love my life, and when I get down I know it is the old story of myself that is trying to kick back in.

I recommend you look into the Brave Heart Way (  It is hard to relearn that you can have all you ever wanted.  It will come the way it is meant to be, but that you can be happy while you move forward in this journey, called life.

I have 12 steps I follow to help me relearn what I once was taught.  I love my life, and I look forward to the trials and tribulations I have to go through now.  I am learning that I came here to remember who I truly am, a being on a journey of self-discovery. I am fantastic and a creator.  I can have anything I want.  I am not being judged by something or someone. I am loved all the time, and I love who I am!

I came here to learn how to be.  My mistakes are supposed to be.  I came here to experience everything.   Life is a game, I came here to play the game everyday.  I get to make up the rules as I go.  It is beautiful to be able to have that much freedom to know I create my day every day.

Yes, others come into our lives, but they are here to help us learn how to be kind to ourselves. It is up to us, to react to those around us, in a way that helps us love ourselves more.  Bet that blew your mind!!

It only makes sense that if we fully love and honor ourselves, we will treat others the same way, we will teach them through self-love how to love and forgive themselves as well.  It is not up to us to tell others how to live or be.  You have no right to tell others how they should live or be, you only have the right to show them how to love themselves.  Did you read that?  Do you feel that freedom? You are not responsible for others reaction to life! You are only responsible for your responses! Think about it genuinely that is all we are doing, we are reacting to life.

When I am happy, life, even when it is hard, seems to not bother me, I am at peace with me, so I let go of those things that are non of my business.  But when I am ill, I feel like I need to worry or feel something because I am supposed to be feeling for others, have an old program running, every little thing bothers me, I react with anger, depression, or anxiety.  If you can do something about what is going on, then do that, if not then let it go.  Remember this though… others need to be able to make their own mistakes, so they can grow.

I find myself snapping myself out of the old program I have been taught to live, by snapping a band around my wrist. I have learned I have 30 seconds to change my thinking. (snap 3,2,1,… you got this). When I forgive myself and remember I did the best that I could at that time and place, I free myself to love me more.

If I had known better at the time, I would have done better!  Trust in that! Also… you will not make the same mistakes over if you love yourself at the time you are learning!

I know it sounds so simple, but it takes work to forget all the misinformation you once knew! To learn how to love you is an all-day job! I dare you to walk up to a mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell you that you love and will protect you.  I cried the day I did that.  Some will laugh and make fun, it is hard to love you!

My diet is all vegetables, and no, I do not miss the meat. I work on my mind and body as one.  My body is becoming stronger and healthier.  I love that I do not have stiffness all over or wake up in the morning hurting.  I sleep better, I feel lighter. I am losing weight but in the right way.  My mind seems sharper, and life seems brighter.  I feel like I can handle life better.  Am I tell you to go vegan?  NOPE!! You do you Boo! If you feel good with your diet, then stick with that.  I needed to do what I have done for me! Why am I sharing this?  Because I love to share, and this may just help someone else out that needs to remember that they are worth the love and time and that they can take this path and make it their own.

Brave Heart Oath:

” I am Love, I am Healed, I am Brave Heart. Today and Every day from the moment I rise until I gently close my eyes, I will trust, honor, respect, protect, forgive and totally love myself before anyone else of anything else so help me God. Because I am, I can, I am healed, I am Brave Heart.” Dr. Darrell Wolfe

WWYHS ( I believe in you)

8 thoughts on “Becoming a Brave Heart

    1. My source? I love your comment. I use my heart and what Spirit sends my way. I wake up with my thoughts and put them down. They are just my feelings in what I am discovering each and every day. Thank you for your comments, they made my day. Blessings


  1. Excellent blog here! Also your web site loads up fast!
    What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to
    your host? I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol


  2. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for
    you? Plz respond as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like
    to find out where u got this from. many thanks

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    1. Sorry for the late reply. I am using the free site provided from Word press. I just upload my own pictures. Thank you so much for your comments. Have a very Blessed day!


    1. Sorry for the late reply here. I am not understanding your comment on where I get my info. I write from my heart, I only interpret what I feel and how I feel it. I hope that helps. Thank you for your feedback. Blessings


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