My heart has been a bit heavy here lately.   A lot has been going on in my Lymie brain.   What is Lymie brain, I will pretend this is your first time seeing my blog and tell you.  I have Chronic Lyme Disease I have had it for over 34 years.  I didn’t know I had Lyme until 2017. I have a lot of issues with my neurological part of my body.  My brain doesn’t communicate with my body like it should.  I have panic attacks for no reason, I can not drive, I have a hard time remembering things, and what our bodies are supposed to do naturally, mine doesn’t do all the time.  I don’t sleep well, and there are times I feel like I am starving for air. Those are just a few of my everyday endeavors.   I have been diagnosed with many health-related issues, but nothing the doctors seemed help with Pharmaceuticals.

I still don’t know for sure, because where I live there are no Lyme literate doctors.  But the world is progressing, and there are test now that I can reach out and get that will help me on this journey of self-discovery.   If it weren’t for my heart, I would have let go of this world a long time ago.

My heart is where I live, I practice my Reiki every day and when I can’t seem to handle the pain, the anxiety the neurological effects of this disease I go deep and hold on to my heart!   I have been treating myself for this disease.  I have become my own advocate, and the hours I spend in medical books would put most doctors to shame.   Not only have I had to teach myself how to be my own doctor, but I have had to show the world around me what I am dealing with.

This world is not an easy world.  As young as I can remember, I have always been cynical with all things in life.  If I don’t see it, then how can it be true was once my belief.  I have had to unlearn those cynical ways.

Reiki has taught me that there is power in touch, that there is underlining energy that we have access too.  I have become a Master Reiki teacher. The other day I was wondering how would you teach a cynical non-believing world about Reiki energies, and I was wondering if I could prove to myself that energy can change the structure of other energies.   So I took two identical glasses of water, one I put to the side the other I used Reiki energy on.  I had learned this from another Reiki Master, but he said to taste it, I went a step further.  I put both glasses of water in the freezer.   I know Reiki has been helping me with my pain and brain issues, but I wanted to see how that energy would change the chemical reaction in water, and would it show in ice?

There was a big difference in the Ice!!  I was amazed.  In the glass that I did not use Reiki energy on, the ice was all fractured and broken, there were cracks in the middle of the ice as well as on the bottom and top.  The Reiki glass was calm, there was one crack in the ice, but it was up towards the top, but the rest of the ice was all uniformed no cracks just one solid piece of ice.   I was so excited, so I did it again.   The same thing happened.  I will be doing this over and over again.  But what was so cool is that I could see a difference.  I did this to prove to myself what I was feeling.

There is energy, and I know that energy does not end.  If I am the spiritual beings I have been told I am, then it would make sense that I could change energies around me, right?

What if the heart is the directional instrument? Our center can help us heal.  If one listens to the heart, then one can change the energies by thought.

I am doing the 21 day Reiki challenge, and I can see a big difference in how I deal with all that is happening in my life.   I am seeing that it all comes down to forgetting the bull stuff you have been taught and listening to that little scared, shaking voice inside.  Oh to once more become childlike in thought and believe that you can do magic.   Too many times, I have not listened to that voice and soon regretted that I had not.

There is more out there in this world that I have found access to by letting go of the dogma of society.  I have and am still seeing significant changes in my life.  It can be hard to deal with this, though, and I have found that out.  The non-believers if you will have a way of wearing me down at times, and I feel like I am fighting for my very life.  Then it becomes a struggle to defend my way of life. Not Good!!  So Reiki teaches that Reiki energy knows where it is needed the most.   Reiki has changed not only the physical of my life, but it is teaching me how to let the emotional, and spiritual side heal as well.  The body is a vessel in which a spirit resides.  There is no healing unless we treat the body as a whole.

One last thought…  Hippocrates said it the best.  Ask yourself this question while doing anything in life.  ” Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that have made him sick.”   Are you ready to give up the limited thoughts, the foods, the belief you have been taught?




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