Pain and Love

It’s incredible how much pain the body can handle, maybe not well but it can handle a whole lot.  I try to see the pain that my body has to deal with when I meditate.  The spirit seems to have the hardest time handling the pain.  Being pretty much locked up in a tiny little, but fantastic body is hard enough. Then you put a disease in there it becomes unbearable at times.

No one can understand this unless they are in pain about half their day, every day.  This brings up a question… can we feel and see others pain? Also, does it affect the way we feel, when we are around those who hurt all the time?

To keep up the positive side of the illness only taking a picture when you are feeling well seems to be an injustice to that person who is sick.

My granddaughter who is only a year and a half has a hard time being around her sick cousin, he is a very ill little boy. She cries whenever she is around him.   His mommy has forgotten him, and he became so distraught that he quit eating.  She let him continue to not eat because she was to busy going to school.  She found it easier to take them to another state and give them to her mother than to let go of the stress of finishing school.  To put a school on hold for a while whether you lost money or not. I would have and did many times give up everything for my kids.  My kids are the future, they are the backbone of this world, and I love them for the gift from God that they are.

How does a Woman who has given birth to a spirit, give up and leave that gift to another to love and raise??

She gives up on trying to help him and gives him to the medical community, and they put a feeding tube in him. To keep his little body alive.  He gave up on life because he lost that love he was receiving.  He must be wondering what he did wrong to now be moved states away and given to someone else.  Does she really think that in a couple of months after she finishes school all will be well again?  Has our society really created that uncaring of a person?? We see it happening more and more these days.

It is easy for us to walk away and not care.  It’s become the norm to ignore those who are sick due to lack of love and care.  Why do we find it easier to ignore and walk away than to sit love and play?

It saddens me that this world has become so uncaring, it is easier to allow others to fall to the wayside of life and walk around them than to sit and talk takes to much time and we have tv shows or social gatherings to go to.   To sit and talk has become another past time that is disappearing more and more each day.   We have other things that are too important to miss.

I found a picture of my mom the other day. She was holding her granddaughter and laughing so hard, the next picture that came up had so much pain in her eyes.  We all were at my sister’s wake.  My mom lost her heart and will to live the day my sister passed away.  Soon after the loss, my mom was diagnosed with rapid Alzheimer.  The pain of losing her daughter was too much for her to bare.  What if Alzheimer is a way we cope with loss? When we lose that love no matter from what, I believe it causes illness.

Remember this though as you ignore the phone call of a loved one or a friend.  As you go about your day leaving a hurting individual alone.  IN the end when your days are no more, and you have come to your last breath.  All that money, all those material objects will not be there to comfort you.



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