When a Disease Dies in the human body

It was a rough day Yesterday with my die off symptoms.  I tried to explain to my Husband what was happening, but it is so hard when you can’t find the words, because of the way your mind is being attacked. 

That’s why I figured I would explain it today while I am having one of my good days.

Little back ground first: If you have been following me on this blog or my Desert Rose Herbal Health Facebook page, you will have learned I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  I finally found out after having been misdiagnosed with many diseases before I finally found out this year. That is “over” 20 years of living with an illness that replicated many diseases.

I know where I got Lyme Disease now as I do the detective work and think back on my life.  I remember now when I probably contracted this disease. Instead of getting a diagnosis of Lyme, I was told I had the Epstein -Bar virus (Aka Mono).

I was working in the mountains for a couple who ran a cabin resort. They were lifelong friends with our family. I was about 16 years old. I have gotten a deerfly bite while fishing one day.  It swelled up and turned into a boil where I was bitten on my arm.  I put medicine on it but it got to looking terrible; it looked like a hamburger on my arm. The sore was the size of a half-dollar; it was swollen.

I still have a strange scar from it.  My boss was a registered Nurse, and she tried everything she could to get it to heal.  We finally got it to somewhat healed after a couple of weeks, yet it would continue to fester from time to time for many years.

Soon after this bite, I ended up sick.  I was running a very high fever and had flu-like symptoms. I was in and out of consciousness for about three days.  My boss was really worried and ended up calling my family and letting them know I needed to go home earlier than planned.  When I got home, my mom took me to the doctor who took one look at my swollen tonsils and diagnosed me with Infectious mononucleosis, or mono, refers to a group of symptoms usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). No blood test was taken.

I was given a round of antibiotics and that was that.  I didn’t get better though I struggled with Tonsilitis for many years after that.  I developed depression, had severe pain in my joints and muscle, brain fog, suffered postpartum depression and I was extremely tired most of the time.  I had my good days of health, but I seemed to always go back down that dark deep depression or have flu-like symptoms.  What really bothers me is that I could have given my kids Lyme disease while they were in the womb.

The Article by Scientific American Title :

The Daily Climate

Mothers May Pass Lyme Disease to Children in the Womb.

What a nightmare to read for a mom who has been carrying Lyme, has three children, and needs to tell her adult kids to get tested, see if there may be a possibility of them carrying Lyme.  What a nightmare!

I have been fighting off this disease for about a five years now; I am doing this all holistically.  I started a Lyme support program by Results RNA: It comprises taking Silver, ACZ Nano (Advanced Cellular Zeolite), ACN Neuro ( Advanced Cellular Neuro), ACG Glutathione (Advanced Cellular Glutathione).

I also take Vitamin D3  Rejuvenation Science Labs Veggie D3, 60 Capsules By Longevity warehouse.

I suffer with IBS and different digestive problems.  I know Lyme loves to attack the gallbladder and the liver.  So I found a digestive Aid to help me with my very sensitive tummy.  I take Slippery Elm with DGL, I also take Can-Gest By Alta Health Products. There is a tea and capsules.  I used the tea for a year, then switched to the capsules when I ate something that didn’t agree with me.  I take Pure Phytoplankton By Oceans Alive about twice a month or more. I believe that your body will tell you when it needs something, so I listen to it and take the nutrients I need when called for.  I started on frankincense for the healing benefits is has. I take honey with cinnamon. I drink reishi, chaga Lion’s main, Cordyceps mushroom elixir by Four Sigmatic.

I stopped eating white sugar and flour.  I eat a healthy diet every day.  I don’t eat at fast-food chains anymore.  I find mom and pop restaurants that use whole fresh foods if I want to go out.  It’s a life-changing program you have to adopt if you want to get well.  It takes the Mind, body and spirit to get well.

Now let’s go into what your body must fight as you feed it the nutrients it needs to kill this disease.  Lyme loves to hide. It hides in your cells, your bones, your organs, your brain, the obese you have on your body.  Lyme loves to make you sick and changes how your body functions. It mimics many diseases. Lyme is hard to kill with a regular dose of antibiotics. The normal two weeks of antibiotics do not kill this disease. The antibiotics will stop it for a short time but Lyme can come back and can come back much worse, this is called Chronic Lyme. Scientists are just scratching the surface of this deadly disease. http://www.contagionlive.com/videos/does-chronic-lyme-disease-exist

There are few studies to fight this disease.  Lyme likes to create a biofilm to protect itself from antibiotics.  So no matter how many antibiotics you throw at, it has this hard outer shell that keeps it safe from these antibiotics. In fact, it gets smart about these antibiotics and builds a resistance between them.

I am against antibiotics because of the overuse of them and the resistance we have seen in our society.  We have come to where the pharmaceutical antibiotic has become obsolete. Now we as a society are looking for the answers to our health in our past. We are looking to our ancestors for the herbal remedies they used to heal ourselves.  Take, for example Silver, we have found it was the best antibiotic before pharmaceuticals came into existence. Silver kills bacterial as well as viruses and no resistance has ever been documented to this date.  Did you read that??  NO RESISTANCE!! Royalty would eat with pure silver forks, spoons and knifes, to stay healthy or use a silver coin to keep milk from going bad. Yet as soon as the Pharmaceuticals came out, we stopped using these tried-and-true cures and jumped on the wagon of progress, only to realize we are going down a slippery slope of destructive living.

This biofilm can be killed by all natural herbal remedies and whole foods.  The backlash of this is the flood of toxins that flood your system once this biofilm has been broken down.  Here is where the pain and maddening side effects come into play.  I think of this biofilm as dams in different parts of the body.  As you destroy this Biofilm, this releases those bacteria back into the body, then your body has to fight off these bacteria again.  This, of course, causes you to have symptoms ranging from Pain, fever and mental fog problems. Biofilm is a protective layer that a bacterial organism will surround itself with helping to protect it. I have read that there isn’t one antibiotic on the market that can break through this biofilm.

I have read reports where Silver, Oregano and other antibiotic working herbs have outstanding success in killing this Biofilm.  http://goodbyelyme.com/free_articles/biofilm

I find the hardest part of getting through the horrible pain and side effects of killing this disease is the killing and then having to reabsorb this disease.  It is a constant struggle to find a slow enough progress and not go insane with all the symptoms one must keep going through day after day.  It is hard to have to constantly explain to your family as well.  Life with Lyme is a constant struggle, and I enjoy every moment of reprieve I get.  I woke up this morning to find I was terribly sore, like I had been run over by an 18 wheeler. I have my disconnect of my butt to my back symptoms and can hardly stand or walk, But I was so grateful to have slept in my bed through the complete night! It was wonderful to wake up in my bed and see the sun just raising up.  I always feel so much better getting to sleep for 5 or 6 hours.  I don’t sleep most nights and to have that sleep is a dream come true.

Life with a chronic illness puts your life in a whole new perspective.  My better days are truly a blessing come true.  I put my thoughts on my good hours and when I have to go through the rough hours; I try to find a place or solace. The house is fine with some dust and the dishes can sit for a little while till you get a power up.  If I am tired, I don’t push and if I need to cry; I cry.  I have learned to love myself no matter how I look that day.  There are days that brushing your hair feels like your brush is full of needles.  Your skin feels sunburned all the time, so to get a hug is like torture.  There are days I wonder if it is worth living.  I can understand why people decide not to continue to live in a world filled with pain and suffering.  I believe in life and yet I think If I had the courage and it wouldn’t hurt my family I would check out of this world as well.  Stress and family issues can cause more of those checking out feelings for sure.

I concentrate on this thought as I kill this disease. “I am gaining another day down the road to health and well-being. I am learning how to help someone else with this disease as well.” Keep going and believe in your recovery.

Love and light


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